RuneScape adds new Archaeology Dig Site in Daemonheim

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RuneScape introduces an exciting new mini dig site in the ruins of Daemonheim, promising a treasure trove of mysteries, artifacts, and unique rewards for adventurers. This update offers an immersive experience with three new mysteries, three collections, and sixteen artifacts to discover. Players can explore two level brackets of excavation locations: one for levels 73-87 and another for levels 103-113, providing challenges and rewards for a wide range of skill levels.

This dig site isn’t just about new discoveries; it also showcases a graphically overhauled and polished Daemonheim, making the experience visually captivating. In addition to the artifacts, players can uncover and restore two brand new skilling offhands specifically for the Archaeology and Hunter skills. A new relic power is also introduced, offering a more efficient method for training your Summoning skill, enhancing gameplay and progression. Dive into the Daemonheim dig site and unearth the secrets that await in this thrilling update.

Screenshot of RuneScape's new Daemonheim Dig Site

Excavation Hotspots

73Castle Hall Rubble
77Tunnelling Equipment Repository
78Botanical Reserve
87Communal Space
103Projection Space
107Security Booth
113Traveller’s Station

For a full list of every artefact, material, and other item you can get from each excavation hotspot, visit our guide.

Screenshot of RuneScape's new Daemonheim Dig Site


Mystery NameRequirementsRewards
A New Home73 Archeology19,500 Experience
A New Form113 Archeology67,000 Experience
A New Age103 Archeology67,000 Experience

For a full guide on how to solve all of these mysteries, check out our guide.

Screenshot of RuneScape's new Daemonheim Dig Site


NameLevel RequiredCollector
Dragonkin V77Sharrigan
Museum – Dragonkin V77Velucia
Dragonkin VI87Sharrigan
Museum – Dragonkin VI87Velucia
Dragonkin VII113Sharrigan
Museum – Dragonkin VII113Velucia

For a full guide on how to complete all of these collections, check out our guide.

Screenshot of RuneScape's new Daemonheim Dig Site
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NameLevelWhat to Study
Imposing Stature75Statue of a Dragonkin
Rest at the New Frontier79Remnants of a Meeting Space
(Tunnelling Equipment Repository)
On the Threshold of the Mind103Imposing Door
(East of Tunnelling Equipment Repository)
Making Sense of Sense109Research Tables
(North-East Corner of Warped Depths)
Thought Process113Mysterious Engine
(Centre of Warped Depths)

Extra information about all of these special research can be found in our guide.

For more about the relic power, the new skilling off-hands, or to learn more about the development of this update – you can visit the news post or the dev diary.

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