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    Bandai Namco Europe Gears Up for gamescom 2024 with Exciting Lineup

    Get ready for a power-packed experience at Bandai Namco Europe's booth at Gamescom 2024! The company has unveiled a stellar lineup featuring playable demos of highly anticipated titles, including world premieres and European firsts.

    CodeMiko, IGDA, and Odin Law fight for Privacy

    Odin Law and Media (OLM), a law firm specializing in digital media and game development, is representing the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and streamer CodeMiko in a Supreme Court case.

    Omega Crafter Reels In New Fishing Update

    Get ready to cast a line in Omega Crafter! The popular survival crafting game has just released a new fishing update, adding a fresh layer of gameplay to its already expansive world.

    Lara Croft joins the hunt in Dead by Daylight

    Dead by Daylight players, prepare to meet your newest Survivor: the iconic Lara Croft. The intrepid explorer, known for her daring adventures and unwavering determination, is stepping into the terrifying world of The Entity.

    PAX Australia unveils 2024 Indie Showcase winners – Tabletop

    From dice to boards, the PAX Aus 2024 Indie Showcase has everything. Six great tabletop games have been selected by the panel to be represented at PAX Aus 2024.

    PAX Australia unveils 2024 Indie Showcase winners – Digital

    Six amazing digital games come on top at the PAX Aus 2024 Indie Showcase. Whether you want to experience cursed villages steeped in Eastern mythology, sunlit glades, or deep space - there is something here for you.

    gamescom 2024 Set for Record-Breaking Success

    gamescom 2024 is on track for a spectacular event, boasting impressive numbers with just five weeks to go! This year's event sees a 10% increase in exhibitors, with representatives from over 60 countries, utilizing a massive 230,000 square meters of exhibition space.

    Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate Hops over to PS5 and Steam

    Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate, a director’s cut of the co-op sci-fi action roguelike from developer Moving Pieces Interactive, is set to restore harmony to troubled planets on PlayStation 5 and Steam starting Monday, August 12.

    New Underworld Challenges Await in RuneScape

    New Hard and Elite Underworld Area tasks are now live in RuneScape! Unlock enhanced rewards and tackle fresh challenges in the depths of the Underworld.

    Shell Runner Blasts into Early Access on Steam

    Shell Runner is now in Early Access! Experience the thrill of PvE extraction in a cyberpunk world. Available on Steam for $14.99.