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    Eddy Gordo Returns with Unmatched Flair in TEKKEN 8 DLC

    Eddy Gordo, the beloved capoeira specialist, makes his grand entrance into TEKKEN 8, adding a whirlwind of excitement to the game's roster. Dive into his story of redemption and vengeance as he joins the battle against Kazuya Mishima.

    Get Ready to Dive into TEKKEN 8: Demo Out Now on PlayStation 5

    TEKKEN 8 roars onto the scene with a playable demo, available now on PlayStation 5! Get a taste of the epic battles before the full game launches on January 26th, 2024.

    Reina, the electrifying final launch character for TEKKEN 8

    TEKKEN 8's launch roster is complete, with the addition of Reina, the Purple Lightning, the final character to be announced.

    Victor Chevalier is the latest character to join the TEKKEN 8 roster

    Meet Victor Chevalier, a completely new character from France, heading to the TEKKEN 8 roster, voiced by Vincent Cassel.

    TEKKEN 8 Announces Closed Beta Test for October

    Get ready for intense battles in TEKKEN 8's Closed Beta Test launching on October 20th. Join the legendary franchise's next chapter, featuring cross-platform competition and exciting new features. Don't miss out - register now for the ultimate fighting experience!

    TEKKEN 8: New character Azucena and Raven’s triumphant return spark excitement

    TEKKEN 8 brings a wave of anticipation with the introduction of an enigmatic new character, Azucena, and the return of the agile UN agent, Raven, known from TEKKEN 5 and TEKKEN 6. Get ready for thrilling battles as veterans and newcomers clash in this electrifying fighting game.