Victor Chevalier is the latest character to join the TEKKEN 8 roster

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Meet Victor Chevalier, a completely new character from France, heading to the TEKKEN 8 roster, voiced by Vincent Cassel.

Descended from a lineage of distinguished knights, Victor Chevalier embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to become a prominent figure in the United Nations (UN) independent forces. His dream was simple yet profound: to rescue those in need and safeguard the world from impending threats.

Inspired by his father’s legacy, Victor initially enlisted in the French Navy, but his unwavering determination to make a difference led him to join the United Nations, where he founded the Raven Force—a specialized unit entrusted with countering the menacing private armed forces of corporate giants.

Clad in an impeccable haute couture suit and armed with cutting-edge optical weapons, Victor Chevalier assumes the role of leader within the UN forces. His mission? To command his newly assembled forces and prepare himself for the impending battle against the forces of evil.

What sets Victor Chevalier apart is not only his compelling backstory but also the voice behind this iconic character. Renowned French actor Vincent Cassel lends his talent to breathe life into Victor, marking his first foray into the world of video game character voice overs. Cassel, known for his roles in movies such as Ocean’s Twelve, Mesrine, and Black Swan, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the character of Victor Chevalier.

Reflecting on his experience, Cassel shared:

“I discovered TEKKEN in the 1990s and I really started picking it up when Eddy Gordo was introduced. He was doing capoeira, and back then, so did I, so I was only playing with him.

What I like about Victor Chevalier is the fact that it’s a French character in such an internationally known game. In addition to that, he is very sophisticated and promotes, through how he is and how he dresses, a certain idea of French elegance. This, and the fact that I had been called to voice Victor, led me to be interested in the character.”

TEKKEN 8 will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, using the power of this generation of consoles to offer a visually stunning experience along with a vision promoting aggressiveness and spectacular battle action.

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