Sanctum of Rebirth: RuneScape’s First Boss Dungeon Arrives July 22

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RuneScape fans, prepare yourselves! The highly anticipated Sanctum of Rebirth, RuneScape’s first-ever Boss Dungeon, is set to launch on July 22, 2024. This groundbreaking update will introduce a new level of challenge and excitement to the game, offering players a unique dungeon experience filled with powerful bosses and valuable rewards.

Prepare for the Challenge

Before venturing into the Sanctum of Rebirth, players can hone their skills with new Underworld Hard & Elite Area Tasks, available from July 15, 2024. These tasks are designed to prepare adventurers for the trials that await in the Sanctum.

Requirements to Play

To access the Sanctum of Rebirth, players must complete a short quest released alongside the dungeon. To unlock this quest, players need to have completed the Necromancy! Quest, which serves as Necromancy’s tutorial and has no additional requirements.

RuneScape's Sanctum of Rebirth

Venture into the Sanctum

Journey into the depths of the Underworld with RuneScape’s first Boss Dungeon, the Sanctum of Rebirth. Governed by Amascut and her loyal beings, this ancient temple was once a place where souls faced their final judgment. Now, whispers suggest that the temple is still active, waiting for brave adventurers to uncover its secrets.

Discover the entrance to the Sanctum and confront Amascut’s powerful soul devourers: Vermyx, Kezalam, and a mysterious third boss yet to be revealed.

The First Boss Dungeon

In the Sanctum of Rebirth, players will face three bosses back-to-back, with no mobs in between—just pure bossing action. Whether you prefer to go solo or team up with up to three friends, everyone gets loot!

Choose between Normal mode, featuring a new respawn-based death mechanic, or Hard Mode to showcase your mastery.

RuneScape's Sanctum of Rebirth Boss

Death is Not Failure

The Sanctum of Rebirth is designed to be mechanically challenging but accessible, thanks to a unique Resurrection mechanic for Normal difficulty. Upon death in Normal Mode, instead of returning to Death’s Office, players will be resurrected on the spot, but with significantly reduced damage for a short time due to Resurrection Sickness.

This mechanic allows players to learn the fights and refine their execution. While some skill is required, persistence can keep you in the fight.

Powerful Rewards

Brave the Sanctum for a chance to acquire powerful new rewards, including T95 Dual Wield Magic Weapons. Hard Mode increases the likelihood of finding these rewards, with exclusive drops available only in this mode. Each slain boss offers rewards from the Sanctum of Rebirth’s boss drop table. Progressing deeper into the Sanctum increases the chance to find more powerful rewards, with a full three-boss clear providing access to an additional Completion Drop Table.

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