Daemonheim Archaeology Dig Site: All the Special Research

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RuneScape’s Daemonheim dig site offers unique opportunities for players to engage in special research. These research tasks allow you to delve deeper into the history of Daemonheim, unlocking powerful rewards and enriching your Archaeology skill. This guide covers all the special research projects, detailing what you need to activate them, the rewards they offer, and how long they take to complete.

RuneScape's Statue of a dragonkinLvl 75: Imposing Stature

Study: Statue of a Dragonkin on the top floor of Daemonheim

Time: 40 minutes

Chronote Cost: 283


  • 9,583 Archaeology Experience

RuneScape's Remnants of a meeting spaceLvl 79: Rest at the New Frontier

Study: Remnants of a Meeting Space in the northernmost room of the ground floor of Daemonheim

Time: 40 minutes

Chronote Cost: 299


  • 11,116 Archaeology Experience
  • Snuff Box (damaged)

RuneScape's Imposing doorLvl 103: On the Threshold of the Mind

Study: Imposing Door in the north-east room of the ground floor of Daemonheim, requiring Level 95 Dungeoneering

Time: 60 minutes

Chronote Cost: 255


  • 23,750 Archaeology Experience

RuneScape's Research tablesLvl 109: Making Sense of Sense

Study: Research Tables in the north-east corner of the Warped Depths

Time: 60 minutes

Chronote Cost: 414


  • 48,737 Archaeology Experience

RuneScape's Mysterious engineLvl 113: Thought Process

Study: Mysterious Engine in the Warped Depths

Time: 60 minutes

Chronote Cost: 280


  • 37,500 Archaeology Experience
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