VCT China 2024 Stage 2 Week 3: Matches, Schedules, and Standings

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As VCT China 2024 Stage 2 progresses into Week 3, the competition heats up with new matchups and a fierce race for playoff spots. Wolves Esports have made a remarkable turnaround, while FunPlus Phoenix experienced their first loss, shaking up the standings. Explore the Week 3 match schedules and current standings to catch up on all the action.

Current Standings

1stLogo for FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix5-1+54
2ndLogo for EDward GamingEDward Gaming5-2+48
3rdLogo for All GamersAll Gamers5-2+19
4thLogo for Trace EsportsTrace Esports5-2+23
5thLogo for Bilibili GamingBilibili Gaming4-4-5
6thLogo for Dragon Ranger GamingDragon Ranger Gaming3-4-11
7thLogo for Nova EsportsNova Esports3-5-19
↑↑8thLogo for Wolves EsportsWolves Esports3-5-40
9thLogo for JD GamingJD Gaming2-4-1
↓↓10thLogo for TYLOOTYLOO2-5-20
11thLogo for Titan Esports ClubTitan Esports Club2-5-48

Wolves Esports jump up three spots in the rankings with their win this week, getting closer to the top half of the field. While at the top FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming both took a loss and have evened out the top four teams that are all on either 5-1 or 5-2. Expect more ranking movement this week as there are even more matches.

Match-Ups & Schedule

: JD Gaming vs. FunPlus

: EDward vs. Dragon Ranger

: Nova vs. Wolves

: JD Gaming vs. Trace

: Titan vs. TYLOO

: All Gamers vs. FunPlus

: Bilibili vs. Dragon Ranger

: EDward vs. Nova


Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for EDward Gaming

Flag for CN Haodong
Flag for CN nobody
Flag for CN ZmjjKK
Flag for CN Smoggy

Logo for FunPlus Phoenix

Flag for CN AAAAY
Flag for TW BerLIN
Flag for CN Lysoar
Flag for AU Autumn
Flag for CN Life

Logo for Dragon Ranger Gaming

Flag for TW TvirusLuke
Flag for TW Nicc
Flag for RU vo0kashu
Flag for CN TZH
Flag for CN Shion7

Logo for Trace Esports

Flag for CN FengF
Flag for HK HeiB
Flag for CN Kai
Flag for CN LuoK1ng
Flag for CN Biank

Logo for All Gamers

Flag for CN Bunt
Flag for ID deLb
Flag for CN Monk
Flag for CN Spitfires
Flag for CN sword9

Logo for Nova Esports

Flag for CN o0o0o
Flag for CN cb
Flag for CN GuanG
Flag for IR Swerl
Flag for CN Ezeir

Logo for Bilibili Gaming

Flag for CN whzy
Flag for CN Knight
Flag for CN yosemite
Flag for SG nephh
Flag for CN Flex1n

Logo for TYLOO

Flag for CN Ninebody
Flag for CN AAK
Flag for CN hfmi0dzjc9z7
Flag for CN Scales

Logo for Wolves Esports

Flag for CN aluba
Flag for AU pl1xx
Flag for TW Spring
Flag for TW Yuicaw
Flag for HK SiuFatBB

Logo for Titan Esports Club

Flag for CN kawaii
Flag for CN Abo
Flag for CN LockM
Flag for KR Rb
Flag for CN AC

Logo for JD Gaming

Flag for CN Viva
Flag for KR stew
Flag for HK jkuro
Flag for TW YHchen
Flag for CN Z1Yan


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