Exciting Lineup Revealed: 11 Teams Confirmed for IEM Sydney 2023

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Prepare for the ultimate showdown as ESL unveils the first wave of participants bound for IEM Sydney 2023. With a blend of Partner Team invites, ESL World Ranking qualifiers, and a local champion, the stage is set for an electrifying esports spectacle Down Under.

Among the contenders for IEM Sydney 2023’s $250,000 prize pool, only two teams from the Top 12 of the ESL World Rankings are absent: the #1 ranked HEORIC and #8 ranked Astralis. The remaining ten teams are poised to battle it out in Sydney for their chance at glory and a piece of the prize.

The final five teams will be determined through four qualifying events:

  • European Qualifier (x2) on 23-25th August, being attended by 9INE, Apeks, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OG, and 4 teams from the Open Qualifiers.
  • North American Qualifier on 24-25th August, being attended by Complexity Gaming, Nouns Esports, and 2 teams from the Open Qualifiers.
  • Asian Qualifier on 24-25th August, being attended by The MongolZ, ex-Rare Atom, and 2 teams from the Open Qualifiers.
  • Oceanic Qualifier on 22-23rd August. being attended by Rooster, VERTEX Esports Club, and 2 teams from the Open Qualifiers.

IEM Sydney is scheduled for October 20th to 22nd, and tickets are already in high demand. To dive deeper into event details, check out our dedicated announcement article or visit the official IEM Sydney 2023 website. Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience!

Explore the complete roster and line-up details below.

Logo for Team Vitality Team Vitality (S-Tier / #2 ESL / #2 HLTV)

Flag for FR apEX
Flag for FR ZywOo
Flag for DK Magisk
Flag for IL Spinx
Flag for IL flameZ
Flag for DK zonic (Coach)

Logo for G2 Esports G2 Esports (A-Tier / #3 ESL / #3 HLTV)

Flag for BA huNter-
Flag for BA NiKo
Flag for RU m0NESY
Flag for AU jks
Flag for DK HooXi
Flag for DE Swani (Coach)

Logo for ENCE eSports ENCE (A-Tier / #4 ESL / #4 HLTV)

Flag for DK Snappi
Flag for PL dycha
Flag for ME maden
Flag for ES SunPayus
Flag for IL NertZ
Flag for FI sAw (Coach)

Logo for FaZe Clan FaZe Clan (B-Tier / #5 ESL / #5 HLTV)

Flag for NO rain
Flag for LV broky
Flag for CA Twistzz
Flag for DK karrigan
Flag for EE ropz
Flag for PL NEO (Coach)

Logo for Cloud9 Cloud9 (B-Tier / #6 ESL / #8 HLTV)

Flag for RU sh1ro
Flag for RU Ax1Le
Flag for KZ HObbit
Flag for 00 electroNic
Flag for 00 Perfecto
Flag for RU groove (Coach)

Logo for Natus Vincere Natus Vincere (B-Tier / #7 ESL / #9 HLTV)

Flag for UA s1mple
Flag for UA b1t
Flag for FI Aleksib
Flag for LT jL
Flag for RO iM
Flag for UA B1ad3 (Coach)

Logo for GamerLegion GamerLegion (B-Tier / #9 ESL / #7 HLTV)

Flag for SE isak
Flag for DK acoR
Flag for DE Keoz
Flag for GB volt
Flag for KZ neaLaN
Flag for GB ashhh (Coach)

Logo for MOUZ MOUZ (C-Tier / #10 ESL / #10 HLTV)

Flag for SK frozen
Flag for HU torzsi
Flag for IL xertioN
Flag for PL siuhy
Flag for FI Jimpphat
Flag for DK sycrone (Coach)

Logo for Monte Monte (C-Tier / #11 ESL / #15 HLTV)

Flag for UA Woro2k
Flag for UA DemQQ
Flag for PL kRaSnaL
Flag for UA sdy
Flag for DK br0
Flag for UA lmbt (Coach)

Logo for Fnatic Fnatic (C-Tier / #12 ESL / #14 HLTV)

Flag for SE KRIMZ
Flag for GB mezii
Flag for DK roeJ
Flag for FR afro
Flag for AU dexter
Flag for GB keita (Coach)

Logo for Grayhound Gaming Grayhound Gaming (D-Tier / #32 ESL / #30 HLTV)

Flag for NZ Sico
Flag for AU INS
Flag for AU aliStair
Flag for AU Liazz
Flag for AU VexitE

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