VCT Pacific 2024 Stage 2 Week 3: Matches, Schedules, and Standings

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Entering Week 3 of VCT Pacific 2024 Stage 2, Paper Rex, DRX, and Team Secret have already clinched their spots in the playoffs, showcasing dominant performances. Meanwhile, Bleed Esports finds themselves out of the running with no chance to advance. This preview highlights the critical matchups, schedules, and current standings as teams battle for their place in the competition.

Current Standings

1stLogo for Paper RexPaper Rex6-1+60
2ndLogo for DRXDRX6-2+55
3rdLogo for Team SecretTeam Secret6-3+39
4thLogo for Talon EsportsTalon Esports5-2-5
5thLogo for Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon5-3-4
6thLogo for Gen.GGen.G Esports4-3+18
↑↑7thLogo for Global EsportsGlobal Esports3-5-16
↑↑8thLogo for DetonatioN FocusMeDetonatioN FocusMe2-5-53
↓↓10thLogo for T1T12-6-5
11thLogo for Bleed EsportsBleed Esports1-7-71

We already knew that DRX has their position in the Playoffs secured, but now they are joined by Paper Rex and Team Secret who both claimed their sixth wins last week. Conversely, it was time for Bleed Esports to try and turn it around, but unfortunately they couldn’t and have no chance to make it to the Playoffs anymore.

Match-Ups & Schedule

: Talon vs. DetonatioN

: ZETA vs. RRQ

: Global vs. T1

: Bleed vs. Gen.G

: Paper Rex vs. DetonatioN

: DRX vs. Talon


bulb joins Paper Rex as Assistant Coach

Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for Paper Rex

Flag for ID mindfreak
Flag for ID f0rsakeN
Flag for MY d4v41
Flag for RU something
Flag for SG Jinggg

Logo for Gen.G

Flag for KR Meteor
Flag for KR t3xture
Flag for KR Lakia
Flag for KR Munchkin
Flag for KR Karon

Logo for T1

Flag for KR Sayaplayer
Flag for ID xccurate
Flag for KR iZu
Flag for US Rossy
Flag for KR stax

Logo for DRX

Flag for KR BuZz
Flag for KR MaKo
Flag for KR Foxy9
Flag for KR BeYN
Flag for KR Flashback

Logo for Team Secret

Flag for PH JessieVash
Flag for PH Jremy
Flag for PH invy
Flag for PH 2ge
Flag for PH Wild0reoo

Logo for Talon Esports

Flag for TH Crws
Flag for TH JitboyS
Flag for KR ban
Flag for KR Governor
Flag for TH Surf

Logo for Global Esports

Flag for IN Lightningfast
Flag for SG Benkai
Flag for GB Russ
Flag for ID blaZek1ng
Flag for FI Polvi

Logo for Rex Regum Qeon

Flag for ID xffero
Flag for ID Lmemore
Flag for KR Estrella
Flag for RU Jemkin
Flag for ID Monyet

Logo for Bleed Esports

Flag for SG Deryeon
Flag for TH sScary
Flag for KR Zest
Flag for SG Retla
Flag for VN crazyguy


Flag for JP Laz
Flag for JP Dep
Flag for JP SugarZ3ro
Flag for JP hiroronn
Flag for JP Yuran

Logo for DetonatioN FocusMe

Flag for JP neth
Flag for JP Meiy
Flag for JP SSeeS
Flag for JP Anthem
Flag for KR Medusa


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