TEKKEN 8 brings a wave of anticipation with the introduction of an enigmatic new character, Azucena, and the return of the agile UN agent, Raven, known from TEKKEN 5 and TEKKEN 6. Get ready for thrilling battles as veterans and newcomers clash in this electrifying fighting game.

Azucena, the formidable MMA fighter hailing from the lush lands of Peru, is set to make her striking presence felt in TEKKEN 8 as the latest heir of the renowned Ortiz family. With a legacy rooted in managing a thriving Peruvian coffee plantation, Azucena aims to showcase her family's legacy on the global stage by competing in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Bringing her own unique flair to the tournament, Azucena's fighting style is a captivating fusion of Mixed Martial Arts movements and unconventional techniques. One such tactic is the mesmerizing Liberador, where she gracefully shifts into a stance that eschews traditional blocking, instead relying on her instinctive dodging abilities to evade opponents' attacks.

With her dynamic approach and remarkable skills, Azucena promises to be a formidable addition to the TEKKEN 8 roster, and fans eagerly await to witness her prowess in the battles that lie ahead. As the "Coffee Queen" steps into the ring, her journey in the tournament is sure to be one filled with adrenaline-pumping excitement and captivating bouts. Get ready to witness Azucena's rise and the Ortiz family's legacy in TEKKEN 8, where a new chapter in the saga unfolds with every electrifying clash!

After vanishing following the events of TEKKEN 6, the enigmatic Raven has resurfaced in TEKKEN 8, reinvigorated and more formidable than ever. His mysterious disappearance was no mere absence, but rather a period of intensive training, honing his skills to perfection. Now, armed with a blend of lethal ninjutsu techniques and devastating strikes, Raven is prepared to leave a mark on the tournament like never before.

Raven's combat style is a breathtaking fusion of nimble ninjutsu maneuvers and powerful blows, rendering him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Adding to his versatility, he employs the unique "Soul Field" stance, allowing him to manipulate clones and wield teleportation, giving players the edge they need to master the rhythm of the fight.

As Raven reemerges, the stage is set for an epic clash of warriors, where he aims to leave his indelible mark on the TEKKEN 8 battlefield. Prepare to witness his redefined prowess and engage in electrifying battles as TEKKEN 8 unveils a new chapter in the fighting game saga!

TEKKEN 8 will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, using the power of this generation of consoles to offer a visually stunning experience along with a vision promoting aggressiveness and spectacular battle action.

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