Matchbox Driving Adventures Coming to Consoles This September

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Mattel and Outright Games have teamed up to launch Matchbox Driving Adventures, the first all-console and PC game inspired by the legendary Matchbox™ brand. Developed by Casual Brothers, the game will hit Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on September 20, 2024. Players can unlock, customize, and race authentic Matchbox vehicles across diverse environments and tracks, offering a captivating racing experience for both newcomers and longtime fans.

Matchbox Driving Adventures features two distinct game modes. In Adventure Mode, players explore Matchbox Adventure Island, solving quests for its inhabitants. Competition Mode offers a more intense racing experience with varied tracks and local multiplayer support for up to four players. This game captures the essence of Matchbox, providing a dynamic and exciting platform to explore and compete with beloved model cars.

Key Features:

  • 12 Customizable Matchbox Vehicles: Race and personalize your favorite cars.
  • 6 Unique Environments: Explore diverse landscapes.
  • 14 Tracks with Variations: Multiple ways to race.
  • 30+ Quests in Adventure Mode: Engage in epic missions.
  • Local Multiplayer: Race with up to four friends.

Mike DeLaet, Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel, emphasized the importance of bringing Matchbox to the digital world, stating

“Outright Games has captured the essence of Matchbox, creating an engaging world that beckons families to explore and compete with the model cars they know and love. We are eager to introduce a new generation to the legacy of Matchbox as they discover the joy of exhilarating real-world adventures and the thrill of the open road.”

Stephanie Malham, Managing Director of Outright Games, added

“Creating faithful replicas of some of the most iconic vehicles has been a labor of love that we know collectors and newcomers will enjoy unlocking and customizing as they navigate the game. We’re looking forward to fans of all ages getting hands-on with the different modes and exploring what Matchbox Driving Adventures has to offer.

First model of Matchbox, issued 1953
Image via Matchboxler from Wikimedia

Matchbox’s Storied Legacy

Founded in 1953 by Jack Odell, Matchbox cars have been a staple for children and collectors worldwide. The brand began with a simple toy that could fit inside a matchbox and has since grown to include a wide range of miniature die-cast cars and vehicles. Today, Matchbox continues to thrive, with plans for a live-action film adaptation in the works.

Matchbox Driving Adventures will allow players to delve into the exciting world of Matchbox cars, bringing the thrill of racing and exploring to a new generation. For more information, check out the full game announcement trailer and follow Outright Games on YouTube, X (Twitter), and Instagram.

Get ready to rev your engines and hit the tracks on September 20th!

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