Rhythm-Based Tower Defense Game Launches on Steam

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WOMBEX Games is set to release Bass Defense, a dynamic rhythm-based tower defense game, on August 19th, just in time for the Steam Rhythm Fest. Before the full release, players can dive into the game’s mechanics with a free prologue, Bass Defense: First Memorythms, available on July 22 during Steam’s Tower Defense Week.

Rhythm Meets Strategy

Bass Defense combines musical beat-based gameplay with strategic defense elements. Players must hit the correct buttons in time with the music to defeat enemies. The game offers three difficulty modes—easy, medium, and hard—that ramp up the rhythm’s speed, complexity, and enemy attack patterns.

Game Features

  • 20 Unique Levels: Each level presents various challenges and visual styles.
  • Three Difficulty Modes: Easy, medium, and hard to accommodate different skill levels.
  • Rhythm-Sensitive Destructible Objects: Enhance the interactive experience.
  • Easter Eggs and Secrets: Hidden throughout the game for players to discover.

Game Modes

  • Soundwave Mode: Defend your base with upgradable power-ups and rhythmic precision. Overusing power-ups can disrupt your rhythm.
  • Overcharge Mode: Charge your turrets in real-time to defend your base. This mode offers a closer view and a tower defense-focused experience.
  • Fingerton Mode: Use only one finger in this hard mode to fend off a ton of speedy enemies.

Power-Ups and Upgrades

The final game features nine power-ups, with four available in the prologue. Players can earn energy capsules by using power-ups and upgrade their gear between maps and difficulties. The additional five power-ups are unlocked in the full game, offering even more strategic options.

Screenshot of Bass Defense - Rhythm-based Tower Defense

Try Before You Buy

The prologue, Bass Defense: First Memorythms, includes five of the 20 levels from the full game. Players can try the Soundwave mode, an action-packed game mode where they defend their base from waves of enemies using upgradable power-ups and their sense of rhythm.

Bass Defense is gearing up to provide an unforgettable gaming experience that blends rhythm and strategy in a unique and exciting way. Don’t miss out on this innovative game coming soon to Steam!

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