Dive into Wonderland with the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator

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Gaming fans, get ready to plunge into a world of whimsical wonder and meticulous cleaning with the newest addition to PowerWash Simulator—the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack. This update takes players on a fantastical journey inspired by Alice in Wonderland, adding a delightful twist to the popular cleaning simulation game. Available now on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch™, and PlayStation, and arriving soon on Meta Quest 2/3/Pro, this pack promises a visual and interactive feast.

A Fantastical Cleaning Adventure

Released by Square Enix Collective® and developed by FuturLab®, the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack invites players to explore iconic settings from Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale, all reimagined through the lens of meticulous, high-pressure cleaning. This update transforms the tranquil task of power washing into an enchanting adventure through Wonderland’s most memorable locations, blending opulent maximalism with whimsical designs.

The Alice’s Adventures Special Pack takes players on a surreal journey inspired by the iconic Alice in Wonderland. This topsy-turvy expansion introduces a range of stunning levels that blend opulent maximalism with introspective minimalism. From ornate interiors to whimsical furnishings and themed cutlery, each level is a visual feast. “The team has had so much fun merging the psychedelic aesthetic of Alice in Wonderland into PowerWash Simulator. This pack is full of whacky nonsense from optical illusions to mad mechanics,” says Kirsty Rigden, FuturLab’s CEO. “We hope our players enjoy exploring our take on Wonderland as much as we loved creating it!”

Explore Whimsical New Levels

The Alice’s Adventures Special Pack features five unique levels that capture the essence of Wonderland:

  • Wonderland Entrance Hall: Enter through a mesmerizing ‘Ames Illusion’ corridor leading to the Entrance Hall, where players will clean intricate patterns on floors and ceilings, and discover tiny doors nested within main doors.
  • White Rabbit’s House: Clean a house filled with clocks and time motifs, alluding to the Rabbit’s constant worry about being late.
  • Caterpillar’s Mushroom: Discover the curious secrets of the Caterpillar, including his tiny socks and pajamas, as you clean his mushroom abode.
  • Mad Tea Party: Experience a unique level where players are shrunken down to clean the chaotic Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
  • Queen of Hearts’ Court: Feel both welcomed and intimidated by the regal details and beautiful art of the Queen’s court, with meticulously trimmed hedges and lavish banners.
PowerWash Simulator—the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack

Special Features and Rewards

The pack also includes:

  • 10 new achievements
  • Alice in Wonderland themed ‘Washer’ and ‘Character’ skins
  • Exclusive vanity items and rewards

Available Now

The Alice’s Adventures Special Pack is available for purchase on Steam and Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch™, PS4®, and PS5®. It will be released for Meta Quest 2/3/Pro on July 11, 2024.

Dive into the whimsical world of Wonderland today and enjoy a refreshing twist on your cleaning adventures! For more information, visit the PowerWash Simulator official website and follow their updates on social media.

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