LCS Summer 2024 Week 3: Matches, Schedules, and Standings

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As LCS Summer 2024 heads into Week 3, the leaderboard is seeing significant shifts. Cloud9 and Team Liquid have secured 2-0 records with crucial victories, climbing to the top. In contrast, NRG and Shopify face challenges with their losses, placing them at the bottom of the standings. This week’s preview covers key matchups, schedules, and current standings as the competition heats up.

Current Standings

↑↑Logo for Cloud9Cloud92-04-1
↑↑Logo for Team LiquidTeam Liquid2-04-1
↑↑Logo for DignitasDignitas1-13-2
Logo for FlyQuestFlyQuest1-13-3
↓↓Logo for 100 Thieves100 Thieves1-12-2
↓↓Logo for ImmortalsImmortals1-12-2
Logo for NRGNRG0-21-4
Logo for Shopify RebellionShopify Rebellion0-20-4

Can things turn around for NRG or Shopify Rebellion as they are yet to score a win and their chances at the playoffs look very slim. On the other hand, the top places are still anyone’s game with five weeks of competition left and only a one game lead at the moment.

Match-Ups & Schedule

: Immortals vs. NRG

: 100 Thieves vs. Liquid

: Shopify vs. Cloud9

: Dignitas vs. FlyQuest


Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for 100 Thieves

Flag for CA Sniper
Flag for KR River
Flag for KR Quid
Flag for CA Meech
Flag for AU Eyla

Logo for Cloud9

Flag for KR Thanatos
Flag for US Blaber
Flag for CA Jojopyun
Flag for KR Berserker
Flag for CA Vulcan

Logo for Dignitas

Flag for CA Licorice
Flag for CN Spica
Flag for DK Jensen
Flag for DK Zven
Flag for AU Isles

Logo for FlyQuest

Flag for BE Bwipo
Flag for PL Inspired
Flag for KR Quad
Flag for CA Massu
Flag for US Busio

Logo for Immortals

Flag for KR Castle
Flag for US Armao
Flag for KR Mask
Flag for US Tactical
Flag for KR Olleh

Logo for NRG

Flag for US Dhokla
Flag for US Contractz
Flag for US Palafox
Flag for AU FBI
Flag for US huhi

Logo for Shopify Rebellion

Flag for US FakeGod
Flag for CA Tomio
Flag for US Insanity
Flag for KR Bvoy
Flag for US Zeyzal

Logo for Team Liquid

Flag for KR Impact
Flag for KR UmTi
Flag for US APA
Flag for US Yeon
Flag for KR CoreJJ


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