LCK Summer 2024 Week 2: Matches, Schedules, and Standings

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As we head into Week 2 of the LCK Summer 2024, the competition is heating up with Gen.G, Freecs, and Dplus leading the standings. This preview highlights the upcoming match schedules and current table toppers, setting the stage for another thrilling week of top-tier League of Legends action in Korea.

Current Standings

1stLogo for Gen.G EsportsGen.G Esports2-04-0
2ndLogo for FreecsFreecs2-04-1
3rdLogo for DplusDplus2-04-2
4thLogo for Hanwha Life EsportsHanwha Life Esports1-13-3
5thLogo for DRXDRX1-13-3
6thLogo for T1T11-12-2
7thLogo for FearXFearX1-12-3
8thLogo for BRIONBRION0-22-4
9thLogo for KT RolsterKT Rolster0-21-4
9thLogo for Nongshim RedForceNongshim RedForce0-21-4

Week 2 of the LCK Summer 2024 sees Gen.G, Freecs, and Dplus riding high atop the standings, each boasting a flawless 2-0 record. In contrast, it’s been a rough start for BRION, KT Rolster, and Nongshim RedForce, all struggling at the bottom with a disappointing 0-2.

Match-Ups & Schedule

: RedForce vs. Freecs

: T1 vs. Dplus

: KT Rolster vs. Gen.G

: FearX vs. DRX

: Hanwha vs. BRION

: T1 vs. Freecs

: RedForce vs. DRX

: FearX vs. Dplus

: Gen.G vs. BRION

: KT Rolster vs. Hanwha


Everything is quiet on the roster change front for the Korean teams after week 1 of the tournament.

Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for BRION

Flag for KR Morgan
Flag for KR Youngjae
Flag for KR Karis
Flag for KR Envyy
Flag for KR Effort

Logo for Dplus

Flag for KR Kingen
Flag for KR Lucid
Flag for KR ShowMaker
Flag for KR Aiming
Flag for KR Kellin

Logo for DRX

Flag for KR Rascal
Flag for KR Sponge
Flag for KR kyeahoo
Flag for KR Teddy
Flag for KR Pleata

Logo for FearX

Flag for KR Clear
Flag for KR Raptor
Flag for KR Clozer
Flag for KR Hena
Flag for KR Execute

Logo for Freecs

Flag for KR DuDu
Flag for KR Cuzz
Flag for KR BuLLDoG
Flag for KR Leaper
Flag for KR Quantum

Logo for Gen.G Esports

Flag for KR Kiin
Flag for KR Canyon
Flag for KR Chovy
Flag for KR Peyz
Flag for KR Lehends

Logo for Hanwha Life Esports

Flag for KR Doran
Flag for KR Peanut
Flag for KR Zeka
Flag for KR Viper
Flag for KR Delight

Logo for KT Rolster

Flag for KR PerfecT
Flag for KR Pyosik
Flag for KR Bdd
Flag for KR Deft
Flag for KR BeryL

Logo for Nongshim RedForce

Flag for KR DnDn
Flag for KR Sylvie
Flag for KR Callme
Flag for KR Jiwoo
Flag for KR GuGer

Logo for T1

Flag for KR Zeus
Flag for KR Oner
Flag for KR Faker
Flag for KR Gumayusi
Flag for KR Keria


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