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Epic Games Store is giving away a fantastic game for free! Floppy Knights is now available to claim and keep. This unique blend of tactics and card-based gameplay puts you in the shoes of Phoebe, a brilliant inventor, as she battles alongside her robot arm, Carlton. Create and command your own army of floppy disk-powered knights and embark on a charming adventure. Don’t miss your chance to experience this critically acclaimed game for free from now until .

What is the Epic Games Store?

The Epic Games Store is a digital distribution platform for video games developed and maintained by Epic Games. It offers a curated selection of games for PC and Mac, frequently providing exclusive titles and generous discounts.

The store is well-known for its weekly giveaways of free games, giving players the chance to expand their game libraries without spending a cent. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to supporting game developers, the Epic Games Store has become a popular destination for gamers seeking both the latest releases and timeless classics.

Floppy Knights

What is Floppy Knights?

Floppy Knights is a charming and strategic adventure game that blends tactical combat with card-based gameplay. Players step into the shoes of Phoebe, a brilliant young inventor, and her trusty robot arm, Carlton. Together, they embark on a quest to save their world from an impending threat. With Phoebe’s ingenuity and Carlton’s mechanical might, players must create and command an army of unique and adorable knights, each powered by a floppy disk.

Through a delightful mix of puzzle-solving, resource management, and tactical battles, players will build and customize their knight squads, combining different abilities and strategies to overcome challenging foes. With its vibrant art style, engaging characters, and heartwarming story, Floppy Knights offers a fresh and captivating experience for both strategy fans and casual gamers alike.

How do I get it for free?

To grab your free copy of The Falconeer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Epic Games Store: Head to the Epic Games Store page for Floppy Knights.
  2. Add to Your Cart: Click on the “Get” or “Add to Cart” button.
  3. Proceed to Checkout: Navigate to your cart and proceed to checkout. You’ll need to log in or create a free Epic Games account if you don’t already have one.
  4. Complete the Purchase: Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. The game is free, so no payment information is required.
  5. Download and Play: Once the transaction is complete, the game will be added to your Epic Games Library. Download it and start your adventure!

What game is free next week?

Starting next week, the Epic Games Store is offering Arcade Paradise and Maid of Sker as a free games!

Arcade Paradise

Arcade Paradise is a retro-inspired tycoon simulator where you transform your derelict family laundromat into a thriving arcade empire. Balance managing your business with designing and building your own arcade games, all while uncovering the secrets of your family’s past.

Maid of Sker

Maid of Sker is a first-person horror game set in a remote Welsh hotel. Players must survive the night by avoiding the terrifying ‘Quiet Ones’ while unraveling the hotel’s dark secrets. With a focus on sound-based gameplay and a chilling atmosphere, Maid of Sker offers a truly immersive horror experience.

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