Operation Riptide – Week 13 Challenges

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“Practical Oceanography” – This one is a real mixed bag as you will be playing some Vertigo in Short Competitive, while heading to Ravine for your Guardian mission with kills form the enemies guns, and also to Ancient to get kills in a number of different locations.

Operation Riptide Week 13 Challenges:

[Abyssal Pain] Deathmatch – Ancient (1 Star)

  • Get Kills in a series of different radar locations

[Destructive Interference] Danger Zone – Sirocco (3 Stars)

  • Apply 3 Graffitis to various locations (1 star)
  • Apply 8 Graffitis to various locations (2 stars)
  • Apply 9 Graffitis to various locations (3 stars)

Competitive – Short Match – Vertigo (3 Stars)

  • Win 21 Rounds OR
  • Win 1 Match

[Continental Margin] Guardian (2 Stars)

  • Get Enemy Weapon Kills in Guardian: Ravine

Good luck in your Operation Riptide challenges this week!

Grady Hooker
Grady Hooker
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