FaZe: “We have a second chance now and whatever happens, happens”

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After some disappointing results, FaZe Clan have a second chance to qualify for the Stockholm Major, depending on their results in the upcoming matches. We talk to karrigan all about their results in the Group Stages, the format of IEM Fall, and the mentality of FaZe coming into the important matches for the Major spot.

Grady: So karrigan, with your chance of getting into the major sort of dwindling. What’s the mood in the FaZe camp?

karrigan: I’d say the mood was not good yesterday. The feeling of losing to yourself, I mean they played a great game and we lost. It was frustration, sadness, emptiness, we didn’t know what happened for this playoff or what needs to be done. After the game, I think we had a good talk as a team and also now knowing that we have it in our hands basically. A lot of things have to go wrong, which can, but we got the bracket we needed to have a chance to qualify for the Major. Disappointment yesterday a lot, but today’s new day and we still have a chance. We got a second chance and we just have to do everything we can and have no regrets when we play tomorrow.

Grady: Do you think the results would’ve been different if you had a different format?

karrigan: It’s hard to say, right. We don’t know, maybe we lost another game, I’m not gonna sit here and blame the format in that sense. I’m not happy about the format, there’s many more upsets – for the viewers it’s amazing with a lot of excitement, for the players it’s not so excitement. The teams that have a small map pool for really good maps, have a big chance, a team who can play six maps really good has a less chance. You need three or four good maps to win a lot of best-of-ones, but if you’re on the best-of-three, it’s all about figuring out the veto. I obviously like to play around the veto and I think that’s really hard on the best-of-ones. Best-of-three, in my opinion, would’ve been better for us, taking our map put into consideration.

Grady: You have this bracket with OG up first and then potentially Heroic or BIG later on down the line. How do you rate your chances?

karrigan: We take one match at a time. OG, we played against them in the last group stage, so I think we have a good chance. If I didn’t think we had a chance, I would’ve gone home by now, because these are the teams who we have been beating lately. It’s teams we play against on a weekly, monthly basis. As matter of fact, all the teams playing, I think we beat them in our last best-of-three. If we play up to our standouts, we have a good chance, but it’s all in our own hands. If we play without regrets, I think we’re gonna go far. If you’re scared of losing, then it’s gonna be tough. We just have to focus on one best-of-three, one round at a time, one map at a time and that’s the only thing we can do. Just believe in the process of the team,

Grady: There’s been a lot of talk in these questions about that major spot that you guys are still fighting for. How important is it to the team to get that spot and to go to Stockholm?

karrigan: It doesn’t really matter. We had our chance, we have a second chance now and whatever happens, happens. We felt a disappointment yesterday and we don’t even need to talk about the matches. This is like a simulation for a normal tournament in a playoff or in a group stage. We just have to focus on round-by-round and then game-by-game and take it from there. Whatever happens, happens, we are in this scenario now, we don’t care about what happened yesterday or three days ago or one month ago. Focus on the present and that is what we are going to do for tomorrow.

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