ENCE: “We are very satisfied with the results, but we want more”

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ENCE have begun to prove themselves as a top team and are making waves in the playoffs of back-to-back tournaments. Josh talks to them about their recent results, the 53 round game against OG, and how prepared they feel to go up against G2 tomorrow.

Josh: Your game against OG, a best-of-one, ended up going 53 rounds. What was the team’s mood after losing that game? And how’d you guys manage to bounce back so strongly?

Snappi: To be honest, I think we played a pretty good game and I think we should have won it in regulation. We were a bit unlucky that Aleski got two 3Ks and it was definitely our game. The air con wasn’t really working in our rooms, so the longer the game went on, the more like fried my brain was beomcing and probably some of the others also. I think overall we didn’t play bad and we just took that to the next matches.

Josh: You guys are playing G2 and they made finals at Cologne. Do you guys feel prepared to play against them? Are you a bit worried? What’s the mood like in the camp?

Spinx: For me, it’s fine to play against them. Of course we would prefer to get maybe Fiend or Movistar instead of G2, because we finished first in our group, but this is still fine. We have a good chance to beat them, even if it’s LAN and we will do 100%.

dycha: We are the underdog in this, so there is really no pressure for us. If we need to win one game, it doesn’t matter if it’s versus G2. They want to prove they are in shape again, they are the better team here, so it’s everything on them if they want to win the match.

Josh: At ESL Pro League you guys finished top eight and you’re set to finish top eight here as well. Are you guys happy to see your hard work paying off? Do you think you can reach higher than you are right now? Or what do you guys think about your progress so far?

Spinx: The hard work was paying off, we are top 13 on HLTV right now and of course we’re going to go higher. We just need to keep working hard like we did before and just keep pushing forward to me.

Snappi: I’m super happy that we are going up, but at the end of the day, we are not even close to being done because the work doesn’t stop yet. Especially until you are top five, you’re not really going to get any invites. We want to be in the position where we don’t need to play qualifiers for every single tournament we play because that will allow us to prepare more for the actual important games in the tournament. Until we get to that point, I’m definitely not satisfied, but at the same time we obviously did, if we get to the major, most of the groundwork to actually be in a position to be there. Obviously we are very satisfied with the results, but we want more.

Joshua Treadway
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