New Maps and meta-changing weapon updates for Counter-Strike

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In the first part of the update that Valve pushed out today for Counter-Strike, we see a massive change to Dust2, alongside gameplay update such as the addition of a riot shield and ability to drop grenades. This is a big one, you need to read all about it.

For more about the Operation itself, click here

For more about the gameplay and map changes, click here

Gameplay & Weapon Nerfs/Buffs

Gameplay – Grenades can now be dropped just like weapons and vision after death reduced from 3.0s to 2.0s (vision by headshot reduced from 1.0s to 0.5s)

Riot Shield – Added the Riot Shield heavy weapon to the buy menu, currently purchasable by CTs in Casual Hostage map groups and costs $1100

Deagle – Desert Eagle will now do only 53 damage with a bodyshot (down from 63)

M4A1-S – The M4A1-S will now do 38 damage with a bodyshot (up from 33)

Dual Elites – Reduced price to $300

Game Modes

Short Competitive – Added the option to select a preference for match duration in competitive Matchmaking: Short (MR 16), Long (MR 30), or No Preference.

Deathmatch – Added the option to select Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (first team to 100 kills wins), and Free-for-all Deathmatch (all players are enemies).

Demolition – Reduced max rounds to 10 and eliminated half-time team swap, reduced round time, and adjusted weapon progression.

Arms Race – Adjusted weapon progression and players now receive a health-shot after three kills

Maps – New

  • County has been added to official matchmaking in Danger Zone game mode.
  • Basalt and Insertion II have been added to official matchmaking in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes.
  • Ravine and Extraction have been added to official matchmaking in Wingman game mode.
  • The following maps are no longer available in official matchmaking: Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, Frostbite.

Maps – Updates

Logo for Dust2 (CSGO Map) Dust2

  • Slight visibility tweak from T spawn through mid
  • Improved visibility into B back site from upper tunnels

Logo for Inferno (CSGO Map) Inferno

  • Made gate at top of banana solid
  • Revised 1v1 layout
  • Minor bug fixes

Logo for Ancient (CSGO Map) Ancient

  • Increased size of plantable area in both bombsites
  • Fixed bullet penetration on plywood surfaces
  • Further optimizations
  • Added 1v1 arenas

For more about the Operation itself, click here

For more about the gameplay and map changes, click here

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