Get ready! Valve have release the next operation and it is called Operation Riptide. Inside it is some major gameplay updates, massive map changes, and a metric shit-tonne of new skins for weapons and agents. We take you through everything that is included in this series of articles to make sure you can get that diamond coin!

For more about the new weapons and case, click here

For more about the gameplay and map changes, click here

Operation Riptide Agent Collection

New Guerrila Warfare Terrorists battle new Counter-Terrorist "Frog Men" from the SEAL team and new agents from the French Gendarmerie. See the movies featuring Guerrilla Warfare agent Crasswater and SEAL Frogman Comdr. Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud.

Terrorist Agent Skins

Counter-Terrorist Agent Skins

Private Queue

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Operation Riptide Missions

The missions in Operation Riptide have gotten an overhaul!

  • Carve Your Own Path: Scavenger hunts, graffiti missions, and more. Make progress by completing items in your checklist in any order you choose.
  • Race to the Finish: Keep moving. Work your way through a series of checkpoints in order to complete your mission.
  • Up For a Challenge: Make steady progress in your grind, or complete your mission faster by satisfying a challenge condition!
  • Finally, with every operation comes a new coin and Operation Riptide is no different. The Operation Riptide Coin will upgrade as you complete missions and earn XP - all the way from Bronze to Diamond.

    If you want to get a head start, head on over to our article on the challenges for week 1 and make a start towards your diamond coin.

    For more about the new weapons and case, click here

    For more about the gameplay and map changes, click here