BIG Krimbo: “I’m really proud and happy that they evolved that good and quickly”

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We delve into Krimbo’s perspective on the team’s recent transitions, their performance at various tournaments, and the unique camaraderie within the BIG roster. Join us as we explore Krimbo’s journey in the world of esports and his insights into the team’s dynamics and aspirations.

Grady: You guys had a lot of team changes in June. How’s that been going in general for the team?

Krimbo: It’s going pretty good, I would say. I think BLAST was an okay tournament, we beat good teams like Astralis and OG, lost to really good teams, top teams, and I think we can’t be ashamed of that. There was a bit of, let’s say kinda tragic, we’re not happy with it is of course was Cologne where we played with S3NSEY instead of mantuu. Right now we are feeling good, we have qualified to Thunderpick event, we won one CCT, training is going great. The chemistry and everything is going really good right now.

You talked about those mixed results with BLAST and Cologne. Does this tournament feel different?

Definitely. We have been playing a lot in the last few weeks with our online tournaments, as I said. We also had a bootcamp before Pro League where we all came together – came from Berlin, straight to here together.

For you personally, what’s it been like to play with a lot of the players that you were in BIG Academy with, but now up on the main roster?

It’s really cool because they’re not only my old academy players, they’re good friends of mine as well. So yeah, I’m really proud and happy that they evolved that good and quickly. Now it’s time to establish and get better and better.

This roster is quite different to the one when you joined over a year ago now at this point. Could you just compare the two rosters?

At the beginning when I joined, the roster was tiziaN, faveN, syrsoN, me, and tabseN. It was a good team to grow in, especially tiziaN was helping me a lot. He’s such a cool teammate, and also a friend out of the game, who helped me a lot growing as a player. Now I kind of have to be more of the tiziaN – you have s1n and prosus come to the team, they don’t really know what waits for them, tier-one LANs and stuff like this. So I have to grow in the more parental role, let’s say.

We also have a really good addition with mantuu, not only as a player, but also as a person. The team chemistry has never been as great as it is now. We all understand each other, we can also chill as a five off the server, even if we maybe lost a game or something, we understand that it’s all progress.

At ESL Pro League, you got your first round match coming up against Monte, solid top 15 team, but you did just beat them last week. How are you feeling coming into that game?

I think we have good chances. I don’t think they have shown everything they have last week, they’re definitely much, much better than that. It’s not going to be an easy game, definitely, they’re really great team. They have a lot of firepower, but I still think that we come out better in the end, we’re on a really good path as a team right now.

Looking at the rest of Group B, is there any teams you think are the big favorites or threats that you might want to avoid through the bracket?

Of course, obvious ones like Heroic and ENCE, they’re both top five right now, they’re always dangerous to play against. Also MOUZ, they’ve been doing really great, I think the addition of siuhy was a really good thing for them. Monte, we play now. I think MIBR are a little underdog, the addition of drop and saffee was really key for them, they have a really sick roster within insani, exit, and brnz4n.

EG and Rooster we have left, if you want to go far, you have to beat them any day. It’s not disrespectful in any means of course, but if you wanna be a good team, you just have to beat these opponents.

Last question. The team’s got a little bit of an age gap, with three of you being on the younger side, and tabseN and mantuu up the other end. Is there any sort of divide at all?

I would say everything is really harmonious and you don’t feel the difference of that age. tabseN, I think he’s eight years older than me, we have lived together for over one and a half years now. Also gob b, he’s 15 years older than me or something, so it’s like this insane if you think about it. But you don’t feel it like we all get along with each other.

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