Astralis: “Everyone was just so tired and we were making stupid mistakes”

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Josh got to sit down with the guys from Astralis and ask them questions. They talked about Lucky’s rise and if he has proved his doubters wrong, their twin loses to Vitality at BLAST, and the meta-changing update of grenade dropping.

Josh: Lucky, you have a 1.20 rating in the Group Stage, I was just wondering if you think you’ve proven some of your doubters wrong?

Lucky: I’ve definitely proven something and my game keeps evolving and doing better and better. For myself, I know that I can do better and be more consistent in my good matches. I’ve proven some people, but I know I can do a lot better in the future.

In the BLAST groups, you guys made it out, but you lost to Vitality twice. Was there any reason for that loss?

Magisk: I think the first game we played against them should have been a free map, but in the end they were just playing better on the day. The last day, honestly, I think we were the better team. I think we played better than them, but in the end we made too many mistakes because we had to play two best-of-threes and everyone was just so tired and we were making stupid mistakes, but we still managed to push them to the limit. I think that’s something we can be proud of. I think we would have beaten them that day if we didn’t have to play two best-of-threes. That’s easy to say right now and to say after the game, but I had a good feeling playing them the second time. I was really proud of the guys, how we managed to stay focused on playing as much as we could and we were doing big plays individually and as a team. It was a nice match to play.

Astralis were the pioneers of utility usage, how do you think that the grenade dropping changes will affect the game? Will it reinvent the meta a little?

dupreeh: We try to put a lot into how we use our utility and it kinda kind of blew up the entire scene and everyone started copying it. I think we’re at a stage now that a lot of other teams have caught up and are also doing really great. With this new feature, being able to draw grenades, I don’t think we are the only team that is relying a lot with utility and actually trying to improve. We’re definitely trying to figure out if we can find the small advantage in dropping for specific places or trying to make this even better. I think everyone is ready to contribute to find new and really good ways to use the utility, but we will definitely do good. It’s up to everyone, but I don’t think we’re going to be like the frontrunners, I think everyone is going to chime in.

Magisk: It’s a little bit too early because there’s been no time to actually implement any of it, because we had one week of practice with it. I don’t think any of the teams have been able to actually implement it into their strat books completely yet. I think at the major and perhaps months after that, we will actually see how it’s going to impact the game.

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