Vitality will be going up against Virtus.Pro in their semifinal match-up, but before they do we get to sit down with apEX and ZywOo to talk about who the favorites are for this tournament, who is going to get the number one player spot this year, and a table tennis rivalry.

Video of Interview with apEX and ZywOo from Vitality at IEM Winter 2021
Video of Interview with apEX and ZywOo from Vitality at IEM Winter 2021

Grady: You guys come into this tournament as the number 2 ranked team with the absence of NaVi. Do you think that makes you the favorites coming into this?

apEX: I'm not sure. Obviously we wanna win a tournament this year, that's my main goal. I think this one could be easier than BLAST Global Final, so we're gonna give it all. I don't know if we are the favorites - G2 are doing well, VP as well. All four teams in the semis can win, even though I think G2 are the bigger favorite here.

Josh: In the quarter finals, you guys, once again, beat Gambit. Why do you think you seem to be able to consistently beat this team, especially when no one else seems able to?

apEX: Yeah we beat them three times this year, once at IEM Summer, once at EPL, and once here - it feels good to keep the winning streak alive against them. It's always pretty tough, but I think we can expect what they're gonna do, our plans are pretty good against them. I don't think they played very well here at the tournament, it wasn't their a-game overall, but we just know what to play against them. I really like to play against them personally, I think it's the same for everyone, we just have a lot of fun playing them and it fits good to our playstyle.

Josh: ZywOo, you've had a really great year this year, but it seems likely that s1mple is gonna be the number one player of the year. What are your thoughts of your year so far? Were you happy with how you played?

ZywOo: Of course s1mple is better than me this year, but I had a bad year this year. I'm gonna do everything for the next year in 2022 to get better and better, because I know this year was pretty hard with COVID, we have to play at home, it was really hard sometimes. For sure s1mple was better than me this year, I have no problem to say it. I want to play better in 2022 and that's it.

Grady: On social media you can see that you guys have been playing a bunch of table tennis. Who's the better player from the team? and can you beat G2, specifically JaCkz?

misutaaa: I think it's apEX. I'm not sure though .

ZywOo: I tried to beat him like 200 times - more, more, more, and he beat me every time. There's no one better.

apEX: If we talk about sport, I think I'm good.

ZywOo: Football?

apEX: Football as well, running...

ZywOo: Rugby?

apEX: No, I'm not sure but for table tennis, I'm not bad. I beat JaCkz two days ago, 11-8 and 11-5, he went home crying. You can put it in the articles, it's fine.

ZywOo: I can beat him myself, he's so bad.

apEX: I'm not sure