"Barrier Reef" - It is the second to last week now and things are starting to wind down, but not without a trip to Extraction for some Heavy Weapon Kills and some fun in the Arms Race gamemode.

Operation Riptide Week 15 Challenges:

Wingman - Ravine (3 Stars)

  • Win 21 Rounds OR
  • Win 1 Match
  • [Current Events] Guardian (2 Stars)

  • Get Hevay Weapon Kills in Guardian: Extraction
  • [Endangered Species] Arms Race (2 Stars)

  • Get 30 Kills OR
  • Kill the Arms Race Leader 5 times in a Single Match
  • [Shark Culling Policy] Casual - Hostage Group (2 Stars)

  • Deal 2,500 Damage OR
  • Deal 1,000 Damage in a Single Match
  • Good luck in your Operation Riptide challenges this week!