"Remember Your Training" - When everything goes to hell the one thing you have to do is remember your training, and you will need that training to head to Blacksite and get SMG kills in the Guardian mission this week as well as play some Casual and Arms Race with all of the different weapons.

Operation Riptide Week 12 Challenges:

[Rip Current] Arms Race (3 Stars)

  • Get 1 Kill Streak (1 star)
  • Get 2 Kill Streaks (2 stars)
  • Get 3 Kill Streaks (3 stars)
  • Wingman - Extraction (3 Stars)

  • Win 21 Rounds OR
  • Win 1 Match
  • [Deep Water Blackout] Guardian (2 Stars)

  • Get SMG Kills in Guardian: Blacksite
  • [Balanced Regulator] Casual - Group Sigma (2 Stars)

  • Get Kills with 20 different weapons (can repeat across matches) OR
  • Get Kills with 10 different weapons in a Single Match
  • Good luck in your Operation Riptide challenges this week!