We had the chance to talk to both dexter and the coach mithR from mousesports ahead of their ESL Pro League Season 14 Playoff campaign. Topics included the mentality with being behind and clawing your way to the playoffs and the effect the Cologne result had on the team just before the player's break.

Video of Interview with frozen, dexter, and mithR from mousesports at ESL Pro League Season 14
Video of Interview with frozen, dexter, and mithR from mousesports at ESL Pro League Season 14

Josh: Question for dexter. You guys started the Group Stage with an 0-2 record, and I was just wondering what the reaction was at that point and compare it to the reaction that the team had when you finished the group 3-2?

dexter: I think the reaction was pretty calm to say the least, but disappointed because we lost, at least the first game was pretty close. Then when we ended up winning, it was reaction of relief and happiness of course, to come out 3-2.

Grady: You guys didn't have the greatest results IEM Cologne and then you had the player break. Now coming into ESL Pro League, I was just wondering what the focus was or what some sort of changes you are trying to make?

mithR: The player break was obviously about taking time off. We had a busy schedule going into Cologne, I'm not too sure about the result because just before Cologne, we won Flashpoint - so I don't think it was the worst of results. I don't think that result from Cologne reflects our capability as a team, we had a close game against Gambit that we were up like 12-6 on the first map or something. If we had won that game, then I think the result would be completely different, and also the four overtimes that we played against Liquid on that last map.

Going into EPL it is obviously about getting back into shape and we play every game to win. We know that we want to win now that we are in the playoffs - now we'll need to take it one game at a time. I think that every one of us wants to have revenge against NiP from the Play-Ins of the Cologne main tournament . As soon as the EPL is over, I think that everybody is looking forward for the RMR and preparing for the Major,

Josh: dexter, during stressful moments in games, how big is your role in keeping the team calm? Do you like to keep the team relaxed and calm or do you try to get them hyped up and excited?

dexter: I'm definitely not the exciting type of person, that's probably a mithR's role. I think everyone in the team is relatively calm themselves, so I don't have to do anything to be honest. We just need the opposite, which is more what mithR does and hypes us up from situations to situation. That's pretty much my role in the team for that.