Exhibitors Revealed for PAX Australia 2023: Nintendo, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital

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Get ready for an epic extravaganza as PAX Australia 2023 gears up to deliver an unforgettable experience! They’ve just unveiled the first set of exhibitors who will be gracing the event with their presence. Leading the charge are gaming giants Nintendo, industry trailblazers Bethesda, and the dynamic Devolver Digital.

Making a return to PAX Aus, Nintendo brings the Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe AU/NZ Championship 2023, both climaxing in thrilling live finals at the PAX Arena. You can learn more at our article about these tournaments.

Back for the 10th anniversary of PAX Aus, Bethesda is making a grand return. Keep an eye on social media for updates on the incredible experience they’re set to offer the PAX community in the upcoming weeks.

While details about Devolver Digital’s PAX Aus offerings remain under wraps, their reputation promises something extraordinary. Anticipate a unique and worthwhile experience, typical of their style.

That is not all PAX Aus has to offer, attendees will find themselves at the epicenter of cutting-edge content, innovative hardware, and the latest technological marvels. Among the illustrious lineup of stalwart partners gracing the event are renowned names like Audio-Technica, ASUS ROG, Aftershock PC, Cooler Master, HTC VIVE, Corsair, MSI, and Crunchyroll.

However, the PAX Aus experience is set to offer even more. Among the excitement lies a wave of newcomers ready to enrich the event. NetEase Games makes its debut, bringing with it a varied collection of genres and platforms to explore. Ukiyo Studios steps onto the scene, promising to unveil a diverse array of captivating international indie games that contribute to the global gaming landscape. A special shout-out is extended to PikPok Games, hailing from the picturesque shores of Aotearoa New Zealand, as they offer an exclusive early look at “Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days” for attendees to enjoy.

Stepping into the realm of PAX Rising, the event takes pride in spotlighting the brilliance of Australia’s most talented independent developers. The expo floor will pulsate with the energy and creativity of these exceptional individuals, featuring the distinguished winners of the PAX Aus Indie Showcase. This year’s selection is a tapestry of diversity, spanning across digital and tabletop domains, and embodying the very spirit of indie innovation. This captivating blend promises to deliver a unique and memorable experience for all attendees.

PAX Aus 2023 takes place October 6-8 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. For more information and badges, visit the official website or follow PAX Aus 2023 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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Grady Hooker
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