Explore the Exciting Updates in the 2024 Player’s Handbook for D&D

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The 2024 Player’s Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons is arriving on September 17 with a whopping 384 pages of new player options, equipment, spells, and more. This revamped fifth edition core rulebook is the most extensive Player’s Handbook in D&D history, packed with exciting updates for both new and experienced players.

Revamped Classes and Subclasses

The 2024 Player’s Handbook reintroduces the 12 base classes, each featuring four subclasses, with numerous updates to enhance and streamline gameplay. Three brand-new subclasses have been introduced:

  • Path of the World Tree Barbarian
  • College of Dance Bard
  • Circle of the Sea Druid

Other subclasses have received significant updates, like the Warrior of the Elements Monk (formerly Way of the Four Elements), and the Wild Magic Sorcerer, which now offers a more reliable way to embrace chaos with an updated Wild Magic Surge table.

New Backgrounds, Species, and Feats

The new Player’s Handbook introduces 16 backgrounds, 10 species, and 75 feats, including new species like Aasimar, Goliath, and Orc, alongside updated classics like the Human. Key updates include:

  • Backgrounds: Ability score adjustments are now linked to your chosen background rather than species. Each background includes a new Origin Feat provided at character creation.
  • Feats: Significant updates include the introduction of Epic Boon feats for high-level characters, allowing for unique abilities like mastering all skills or short-range teleportation.

The 2024 Player’s Handbook provides guidelines for combining new backgrounds and species with those from older editions, allowing players to blend classic and new character options.

Weapon Mastery: Enhance Your Combat Skills

Combat gets a boost with the new Weapon Mastery feature, which is available to certain martial classes. Each weapon now comes with a mastery property that enhances combat tactics, rewarding players who switch weapons to suit different combat situations.

For example, the Greataxe has the Cleave mastery for dealing with multiple enemies, while the Maul with the Topple mastery can knock foes down, setting up critical hits for allies.

The Equipment chapter now features detailed illustrations and descriptions of weapons, armor, and tools, along with suggested prices. This comprehensive guide helps players gear up efficiently, from selecting the perfect sword to choosing the right tools for crafting.

Expanded Spellbook: 400 Spells to Explore

With nearly 400 spells, the 2024 Player’s Handbook offers a vast spell list that includes updated classics and exciting new additions. Spells from the 2014 Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything have been revised, and new favorites like Tasha’s Bubbling Cauldron are featured.

Stunning New Artwork: Visualize Your Adventure

The handbook is filled with new artwork, depicting each class and subclass in vivid detail. Backgrounds and species are brought to life with illustrations that help players visualize their characters and backstories.

Art from the new D&D Players Handbook
Art by Katerina Ladon via Wizards of the Coast

Preorder the 2024 Player’s Handbook Today

The 2024 Player’s Handbook releases on September 17, but you can preorder your copy now in the D&D Beyond marketplace. Master Tier subscribers get early access on September 3, and Hero Tier subscribers on September 10. Your digital copy will unlock exclusive features in D&D Beyond, including the Character Builder, Encounter Builder, and more.

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