T1 win LoL Worlds 2023 after dominant performance

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After seven long years, T1 and Faker sit back upon the throne of the League of Legends World Championship.

It wasn’t a flawless run, but it was pretty close. T1 won thirteen matches and only lost two throughout the LoL Worlds 2023. One match against JD Gaming in the semifinal and one against their LCK rival Gen.G in the Swiss Stage.

Was it the NewJeans buff for Keria? He performed really well after the opening ceremony featuring NewJeans, that it was well known he was hyped for.

LPL Killers

T1 player Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong was pretty confident in their chances coming in to the grand final. “T1, they don’t lose to the LPL” he said.

The quote rings true when you look at T1’s path to the championship. Firstly, they went 2-0 against Bilibili Gaming in the Swiss Stage. In the playoffs, they dispatched of 3rd-ranked LNG Esports in the quarterfinals 3-0. Then they moved on to the number one, JD Gaming, who almost completed the Golden Road.

Lastly, it was Weibo Gaming in the grand finals that fell 3-0. Overall against teams from the LPL, T1 ended up 11-1 and solidified their spot as LPL Killers.

Previous World Championships

This is the fourth championship win for T1 and Faker. Previously, they had taken out the trophy in 2013, 2015, and 2016. However it has been seven years since he got to hold the championship in his hands.

List of previous LoL Worlds grand final results:

  • 2023: T1 3-0 Weibo
  • 2022: DRX 3-2 T1
  • 2021: Edward 3-2 WAMWON
  • 2020: DAMWON 3-1 Suning
  • 2019: FPX 3-0 G2
  • 2018: Invictus 3-0 Fnatic
  • 2017: Samsung 3-0 T1
  • 2016: T1 3-2 Samsung
  • 2015: T1 3-1 KOO
  • 2014: Samsung White 3-1 Star Horn
  • 2013: T1 3-0 Royal Club
  • 2012: Taipei Assassins 3-1 Azubu
  • 2011: Fnatic 2-1 aAa
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