DreamHack Atlanta 2023: Gaming Extravaganza Draws 40,000 Attendees

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DreamHack Atlanta transformed the Georgia World Congress Center into a haven for gaming enthusiasts during its three-day run. From December 15-17, 2023, over 40,000 attendees immersed themselves in the ultimate gaming lifestyle experience. As the pinnacle of Games Week Georgia, DreamHack, a distinguished brand under the ESL FACEIT Group, curated an event that catered to every facet of the gaming community.

Festival-goers were treated to a plethora of activities, from marveling at intricately crafted cosplay costumes to diving into intense tournaments. The event featured professional competitions, interactive panels, and opportunities to learn the art of streaming. The Expo area served as a tech playground, allowing attendees to test the latest innovations firsthand.

DH Fighters at DreamHack Atlanta 2023
Photo by Kimpee Buenaventura via DreamHack


DreamHack Atlanta 2023 emerged as the epicenter of esports glory, hosting international tournaments with a jaw-dropping $1.2 million in collective prizes. The heart-pounding competitions featured top-tier clashes, including the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship, ESL Challenger Atlanta, ESL StarCraft II Masters Winter Finals, and the thrilling DreamHack Fighters extravaganza.

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Virtus.pro Secures ESL Challenger Title

ESL Challenger, a crucial part of the ESL Pro Tour for Counter-Strike 2, took center stage at DreamHack Atlanta. Virtus.pro exhibited dominance, clinching the ESL Challenger Atlanta trophy in a commanding series against Apeks. This victory not only secured Virtus.pro a coveted spot in the ESL Pro League Season 19 but also awarded them the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Wolves Triumph in Snapdragon Pro Series’ Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship

DreamHack Atlanta witnessed the clash of titans in the Snapdragon Pro Series Powered by Samsung’s Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship. Sixteen elite teams battled fiercely, with Wolves emerging triumphant in a thrilling 4-2 victory over GodLike. The World Champion title and the majority of the $1 million prize pool now belong to Wolves.

Clem Dominates ESL StarCraft II Masters Winter Finals

The 21-year-old Team Liquid all-star, Clem, showcased unparalleled skill in the ESL SC2 Masters Winter Finals. A standing-room-only crowd witnessed Clem’s dominant run, culminating in a resounding 4-1 victory over fellow finalist Dark. Clem not only claimed the title but also secured the lion’s share of the $75,000 prize pool.

DreamHack Fighters: Atlanta’s Fighting Game Extravaganza

DreamHack Fighters transformed Atlanta into a fighting game hotspot, attracting competitors nationwide for nine marquee tournaments. From Street Fighter 6 to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, the battles were intense and electrifying. Several Atlanta natives shone in the Top 8 across various categories, including Colbol, Skull_Duggers, Sami, Genghis D0N, and Pokchop.

Fans meeting Tyler1
Photo by Kimpee Buenaventura via DreamHack


Musician, entrepreneur, and avid gamer T-Pain, along with Nappy Boy Gaming, took DreamHack Atlanta by storm, creating unforgettable moments throughout the weekend. From engaging in a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot on the Main Stage to leading an insightful panel on the state of gaming, T-Pain brought his unique charisma to the gaming community.

As an Atlanta native, T-Pain didn’t just limit his interactions to the stage. He forged connections with fans and fellow creators through meet & greets, friendly competitions, and the adrenaline-pumping excitement of laser tag. Adding a heartwarming touch, T-Pain and Nappy Boy Gaming collaborated with Toys for Tots Marines to distribute toys to low-income families and foster families on-site. The Creator Hub buzzed with activity as Marines and creators joined forces to wrap presents, spreading joy and cheer.

The streaming giant, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, made a triumphant return to DreamHack Atlanta, unleashing a series of challenges on the Main Stage. Fans eagerly faced off against Tyler1 in video games, chess, and even weightlifting, showcasing the diverse talents that make him a Twitch sensation. Collaborating with other creators, including T-Pain and Nappy Boy Gaming, Tyler1 added an extra layer of excitement to the DreamHack experience.

Cosplay contestants at DreamHack Atlanta 2023
Photo by Emma Andersson via DreamHack


Expert Winners:

  1. Animauul (spent 300 hours on their cosplay outfit and won the $1000 grand prize)
  2. Novice Cosplay
  3. Sunlight of Astoria
  4. Mythic Mikaela

Artisan Winners:

  1. Snow
  2. Sinistra Cosplay
  3. Twilla Pop
  4. Bridoof

Novice Winners

  1. Jace Beleran
  2. Jai_Kaye
  3. Ginger Jedi Jessi
  4. Rengekko

Judges Choice:

  • Dabboy
Two players playing a tabletop card game
Photo by Emma Andersson via DreamHack


The event hosted the pinnacle of tabletop competition with the United States Magic: The Gathering Regional Championship, Round 4. Out of a staggering 1,306 contenders vying for a share of $130,000, Daniel Weiser emerged victorious, solidifying his mastery of the cards. DreamHack also inaugurated its own Flesh and Blood PTI tournament, crowning @brodiespurlock as the champion.

But the magic (pun intended) extended beyond competitive play. Tables were abuzz with friendly Magic duels throughout the weekend, and a vast library of over 100 tabletop games beckoned attendees to lose themselves in countless worlds and mechanics. From seasoned deckbuilders to casual dice rollers, DreamHack Atlanta embraced the full spectrum of tabletop gaming, proving that the joy of analog adventures endures.

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