Heroic TeSeS at IEM Katowice: “We are going to show up to Katowice”

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It is time for the Group Stage of IEM Katowice and we got some time to talk to TeSeS about their end of season results last year and what they are expecting coming into 2022 – then Josh takes a look at their prospects in the Group Stage.

Heroic made the decision to stick with their 2021 lineup this year. Led by Casper “cadiaN” Møller, the Danes haven’t played any notable events in 2022 thus far, having most recently finished last at the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 in December. Although they’ve received a direct invite to the group stage, it is unclear how they’ll actually fare against any opponent. This team has seen both stellar high and desperate lows, and they could see either outcome in Katowice.

Clearly, the members of Heroic know this too. In regards to recent poor performances, René “TeSeS” Madsen told us:

TeSeS: It’s been really turbulent the last two tournaments of the last year, but now it’s a new year and we are looking to see where our level is at this tournament. In practice it has been feeling really good for the last 4 weeks and I’m just looking forward to showing what we’ve got. Maybe we have lost an online game versus K23, but before the game we had a COVID test come back positive, so it was really chaotic – now we are going to show up to Katowice for sure.

Thus far, TeSeS has delivered on his promise. Pitted against a fearsome looking OG in the opening round, Heroic was able to come out with the victory – even despite losing the first map of the series. Martin “stavn” Lund was largely to thank for the win, earning a 1.43 rating with 98 ADR over the series. The Danes proved themselves able to keep their composure on the server until the very end of the eighty-seven round series, and in turn were able to hand this new OG roster their first defeat.

Heroic will face a tough challenge in the form of Team Vitality tomorrow. A victory there will advance them to the upper bracket finals, and secure their position in the Spodek Arena. Should they lose, however, they will come head-to-head with either Gambit Esports or the Copenhagen Flames – with elimination from Katowice on the line.

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