Operation Broken Fang – Week 2 Challenges

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“Moon Shot” – I hope you like the map Apollo, because we are going to space and getting kills with pistols and winning rounds. Hopefully you are also the most valuable player on your team if you Broken Fang Premier.

Broken Fang Week 2 Challenges:

  • The Right Stuff: Earn MVPs in Broken Fang Premier (3 MVPs, 6 MVPs, 9 MVPs)
  • Low Earth Orbit: Get Pistol kills in Retakes (3 kills, 8 kills, 15 kills)
  • The Deagle Has Landed: Get Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage Group (4 kills, 9 kills, 18 kills)
  • Houston We Have A Problem (2 stars): Get kills with all 10 pistols in Guardian: Apollo
  • One Small Step: Win rounds in Competitive: Apollo (7 rounds, 15 rounds, 20 rounds)
  • Good luck in your Broken Fang challenges this week!

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