"A Little Competition" - It is time to have some chaos as the missions are absolutely bonkers this week. We head to County to get kills with the Breach Charge in Guardian, then jump over to Casual to try and kill people in the first 30 seconds of a round, and finally to Deathmatch to get some scoped kills.

Operation Riptide Week 14 Challenges:

Competitive - Short Match - Ancient (3 Stars)

  • Win 21 Rounds OR
  • Win 1 Match
  • [Finish Fast] Guardian (2 Stars)

  • Get Breach Charge Kills in Guardian: County
  • [Dead Heat] Deathmatch - Group Delta (2 Stars)

  • Get 60 Scoped Kills OR
  • Get 30 Scoped Kills in a Single Match
  • [First Impressions] Casual - Group Sigma (2 Stars)

  • Get 25 Kills OR
  • Get Kills in the first 30 seconds of a round 5 times
  • Good luck in your Operation Riptide challenges this week!