We had the chance to have a short chat to the coach of Natus Vincere, B1ad3, about who they want to face in their quarterfinal matchup and what is motivating them throughout this tournament - winning their first Pro League or the Intel Grand Slam.

Josh: You're going to play either forZe or ENCE in the quarterfinals. I was just wondering if you had a preference one way or the other?

B1ad3: I think for us it doesn't matter who we are going to play. It will be just a usual opener for us, we'll do a regular game plan for them. We have three matches left to win this event and we just need to focus on every one, it doesn't matter who we will play against. We just need to focus on every match like is the last one.

Josh: NaVi as an org has never won a season of ESL Pro League. is the thought of getting a new trophy motivating you guys to work even harder and add something new to the collection?

B1ad3: The Intel Grand Slam is a bit more and motivating than winning the title. Only two teams have done it before, Astralis and Liquid, and we want to write down [out team] in history. It's a higher priority than winning Pro League, but of course it's also good to win another trophy that we didn't win before. We always have some troubles with Pro League, we always fail before. I think that because it's online, it's hard to feel this contras, if it would be on LAN we would have much more desire to win this Pro League. If it was without the Grand Slam, it's still online event and there was a lot of online events before, and they look all the same - sit in the same chair and so on and so on and so forth. Now it's not even about Pro League, but more about Grand Slam.