"Delirium" - It is getting crazy up in here and that might be from the crazy weather outside or the missions we have this week. I hope you like using the Scout and the map Dust II because you are going to be seeing a lot of them.

Broken Fang Week 12 Challenges:

  • Expecting A Different Result: Win rounds in Broken Fang Premier (7 rounds, 15 rounds, 20 rounds)
  • Melting Down: Win rounds in Competitive: Cache (7 rounds, 15 rounds, 20 rounds)
  • Déjà vu (2 stars): Get 15 SSG08 kills in Guardian: Dust II
  • The Enemy Of My Enemy Is A Chicken: Get chicken kills in Deathmatch: Dust II (10 kills, 20 kills, 40 kills)
  • Fever Dream: Get kills in Flying Scoutsman (7 kills, 15 kills, 20 kills)
  • Good luck in your Broken Fang challenges this week!