"Near Sighted" - It is all about the kills and round wins this week across multiple different game modes. It isn't just any ordinary kills, you have to get kills on enemies that are extremely close to you in both Guardian and Deathmatch.

Broken Fang Week 10 Challenges:

  • Focus: Win rounds in Broken Fang Premier (7 rounds, 15 rounds, 20 rounds)
  • Under Pressure: Win rounds in Wingman: Shortdust (4 rounds, 8 rounds, 12 rounds)
  • Keep Them Coming (2 stars): Get 20 kills at a range closer than 10 meters in Guardian: Dust II
  • Eye Of The Storm: Get kills at a range closer than 10 meters in Deathmatch: Dust II (10 kills, 20 kills, 40 kills)
  • Strike Early And Strike Often: Get kills in Demolition (10 kills, 20 kills, 30 kills)
  • Good luck in your Broken Fang challenges this week!