"Welcome to the Jungle" - Go and find yourself some Roses, but we already have the Guns. This week you are going to have to work hard in Dust2 and Retakes, while get some Shotgun kills and being a little vandal all over Ancient.

Broken Fang Week 8 Challenges:

  • Thunder In Paradise: Win rounds in Competitive: Dust II (7 rounds, 15 rounds, 20 rounds)
  • If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (2 stars): Get 20 Shotgun kills in Guardian: Ancient
  • You're The Best Around: Seelct an MVP card in Retakes (1 cards, 3 cards, 4 cards)
  • Going Commando: Apply Graffiti at specific locations in Casual: Ancient (3 graffiti, 7 graffiti, 10 graffiti)
  • Good luck in your Broken Fang challenges this week!