Call of Duty League 2024 Major IV: Everything you need to know

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The Call of Duty League 2024 Major IV is set to deliver intense action with a $375,000 prize pool and a double elimination format. Hosted in Burbank, this event will see 12 teams competing for the top spot. Here’s your essential guide to the matches, format, and what to expect from this thrilling competition.


Over the last few weeks all 12 of the Call of Duty League teams have been playing qualifiers to get seeded for this Major. The top 8 have been seeded against each other in the Upper Bracket with 1st playing 8th, 2nd playing 7th and so-on. The bottom 4 have been placed directly into the Lower Bracket.

The tournament will be played in a double-elimination bracket, where you need to lose twice to be eliminated (with the exception of the teams starting in the Lower Bracket).

Every game is a best-of-five (BO5), except the Grand Final which will played as a best-of-seven (BO7).

Prize Pool

The $375,000 USD prize pool will be distributed a follows:

  • 🥇1st:$150,000 and 100 CDL points
  • 🥈2nd: $90,000 and 75 CDL Points
  • 🥉3rd: $60,000 and 60 CDL Points
  • 4th: $30,000 and 45 CDL Points
  • 5th-6th: $15,000 and 30 CDL Points
  • 7th-8th: $7,5000 and 15 CDL Points
  • 9th-12th: Nothing


Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for Toronto Ultra

Flag for DK CleanX
Flag for US Envoy
Flag for GB Insight
Flag for US Scrap

Logo for Atlanta FaZe

Flag for US aBeZy
Flag for US Cellium
Flag for US Drazah
Flag for US Simp

Logo for Seattle Surge

Flag for US 04
Flag for BE Abuzah
Flag for FR Breszy
Flag for US Huke

Logo for Los Angeles Thieves

Flag for US Ghosty
Flag for US JoeDeceives
Flag for US Kremp
Flag for GB Nastie

Logo for Miami Heretics

Flag for ES Lucky
Flag for ES MettalZ
Flag for ES ReeaL
Flag for ES Vikul

Logo for Las Vegas Legion

Flag for US Attach
Flag for US Gio
Flag for US Nero
Flag for US oJohnny

Logo for New York Subliners

Flag for FR HyDra
Flag for US KiSMET
Flag for US Sib
Flag for US Skyz

Logo for Los Angeles Guerrillas

Flag for CA Diamondcon
Flag for US Estreal
Flag for US Fame
Flag for US Flames

Logo for Carolina Royal Ravens

Flag for US Clayster
Flag for US FeLo
Flag for US Gwinn
Flag for US TJHaLy

Logo for Minnesota RØKKR

Flag for US Accuracy
Flag for CA Gunless
Flag for FR Lynz
Flag for US Standy

Logo for Boston Breach

Flag for GB Beans
Flag for US MajorManiak
Flag for US Priestahh
Flag for MX Snoopy

Logo for OpTic Texas

Flag for CA Dashy
Flag for US Kenny
Flag for AU Pred
Flag for US Shotzzy


The bracket for Call of Duty League 2024 Major IV

All times are converted in to your local time.

Opening Matches

  • : Seattle Surge vs. Las Vegas Legion
  • : Toronto Ultra vs. LA Guerrillas
  • : Atlanta FaZe vs. NY Subliners
  • : LA Thieves vs. Miami Heretics

Lower Bracket Opening Matches

  • : CAR Royal Ravens vs. TBD
  • : Boston Breach vs. TBD
  • : Minnesota RØKKR vs. TBD
  • : OpTic Texas vs. TBD

Rest of Playoffs

  • : Lower Bracket Round 2 #1
  • : Lower Bracket Round 2 #2
  • : Upper Bracket Semifinal #1
  • : Upper Bracket Semifinal #2
  • : Lower Bracket Round 3 #1
  • : Lower Bracket Round 3 #2
  • : Lower Bracket Semifinal
  • : Upper Bracket Final
  • : Lower Bracket Final
  • : Grand Final

Where to Watch

You can watch BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 in Flag for USGB English live on the CallofDuty Twitch channel (embedded below).

Other streaming options include:

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