Today a massive patch for VALORANT dropped that included a brand new agent called Killjoy as well as Act 2 bringing with it a rank-reset, new battlepass, and more ranking indicators.

For the full list of updates included in VALORANT Patch 1.05 click here.

Agent updates

Logo for Killjoy (VALORANT Agent) Killjoy

New Agent

The new hero, Killjoy, is now out and she truly lives up to her name! She is a sentinel who can lock down the map with her ultimate ability. Let's start off with her signature ability which she gets for free every round - The Turret. It has 125hp and will shoot at the nearest player in it's line of sight and the further you are away, the less damage you take from it. This lets Killjoy set up crossfires with herself or play mind games with the opponents. The turret itself doesn't do very much damage, only dealing 24 damage per 0.75 seconds at close range.

Her Alarmbot ability is similar to Raze's Boombot, however it is stationary, invisible and won't kill you, but it will double the damage you take from all sources. So if you're hit by it, you're as good as dead. We're currently uncertain if it can be shot to be destroyed if you see it placed down.

Her Nanoswarm is by far her strongest ability. It's essentially a moly that you can place down and activate when you want - and did I mention she gets two of them? Plant the bomb, place both of your Nanoswarms on the spike, and hide. Easy round. I think this ability may get nerfed, however only time will tell. This will make her one the strongest Sentinels as the other two, Sage and Cypher, are strongest when on defense. To make it more clear, her Nanoswarm is essentially a free Brimstone ultimate on the spike every round. Broken? Maybe. You'll have to hunt and kill the Killjoy to stop her from activating the traps.

Lockdown. Killjoy's ultimate ability and the greatest joy-killing ability has now entered the game. She places down a beacon, it has around 125hp as well, while the area of effect is bigger than a bomb site. After 13 seconds of the beacon being placed down, all enemies inside get detained - their movement speed is halved and they can't use any guns or abilities for 8 seconds. Talk about being a killjoy.

Logo for Raze (VALORANT Agent) Raze


  • Equip time increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.4
  • Quick equip time increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.7

This gives players a little bit more time to react to Raze's ultimate. It's not a massive change but I think it will save your life once or twice. Giving you an extra little bit of time to get behind the wall. In saying that, it does give Raze a little bit more time to aim the projectile. I've seen players simply pulling the trigger as fast as possible and missing, so this change will be interesting at all levels of play.

Blast Pack

  • Damage decreased from 75 to 50
  • Damage to objects now consistently does 600

The Black Pack change is great for blowing up Sage's wall. Giving it that consistent damage means you don't have to always get the pack to stick to the wall first. The decreased damage to players is always great for those that don't play her but end up running into her satchel charges. As unlike her grenade, her blast packs don't have any animation time and are pretty instant.

Battlepass Act 2

With this update going live, the new battlepass will be out! Like the last one, we will have two months to complete it and it has a full range of goodies from gun skins to sprays, and hopefully this time it includes a gun where people can spend their radiant points. I don't have my hopes up for that one. Maybe in one of the future battlepasses they'll finally get around to adding upgradeable guns.

Most importantly this battlepass has an operator skin, so finally my operator will not look like the standard issue one. I'm hyped to fill those bars and progress to level 50. The knife at the end is purple and looks cool. I think the battlepass it the only price-to-value ratio in the game that is worth it, as the top end skins are way overpriced.


Act Ranks have been added to the game! It basically means that you can show off how you've improved over the acts/seasons of gameplay. Which is all fine and dandy. Start of act 2 will have a soft reset to the ranks, everyone will lose around 2 ranks. So if you were plat 3, you'll be plat 1 and if you were plat 1, you'll be gold 2. Everyone will be required to play three games to see their rank again and then can begin the climb again.

Down arrow indicators have been modified. Before they would only down one down arrow regardless of how well or bad you did on the losing team. This leads to confusing the players as they would get a whole bunch of up arrows and only one down arrow and wouldn't know why they're not climbing. So now they have three stages of rating decrease:

  • One arrow = Rating decreased slightly
  • Two arrows = Rating decreased
  • Three arrows = Rating greatly decreased


Deathmatch has entered the chat

Everyone's favorite warm-up gamemode is finally coming to VALORANT, but with an interesting twist to stop those pesky campers...which sucks for me because I love camping. Get the fire going, set the tent up, and boom headshot the guy coming around the corner. This is a great feature because it teaches people to periodically look at the map for information. It will be great for new players to develop that habit.

Here's a list of features:

  • 10 player free-for-all
  • First to 30 kills with a time limit of 6 minutes
  • No abilities
  • Load in as a random agent you own
  • Buy whatever weapons, heavy armor is provided automatically
  • Killing enemies drops a health kit, fully restoring all health and armor and automatically reset the ammo in your barrel
  • All enemies will periodically be revealed on the minimap