Major changes to VALORANT coming forward this patch, with Competitive Mode going live, changes to tagging and much, much more.

For the full list of updates included in VALORANT Patch 1.02 click here.


They finally changed the top rank from "Valorant" to "Radiant" to clear up a lot of confusion with the rank. As prior to this, trying to talk about the topic of being a "Valorant" level player didn’t make any sense. They also updated the rank iconography and expanded the skill disparity range for playing with friends during placement games.

Tagging is intended to reward the player with better positioning and the player that successfully lands a shot on the enemy first. Now, when you’re tagged, you will more gradually transition to the reduced speed which should make the game feel jarring when you’re moving or playing with higher ping.

  • Tagging Movement speed Reduction (Standard) 80% >> 70%
  • Tagging Movement speed Reduction (Through walls/objects) 35% >> 25%

Small smoke changes consist of adjusting the screen effects when exiting and entering smokes. Decreasing the blind 'falloff' value and nearsighted intensity. This change allows players to push smokes in a well calculated risk without it being too punishing. Pushing a smoke will still be risky, however it will be a little more reasonable.

The ability to surrender has been added. After the 8th round a team may call a surrender vote to end the game early for any reason. It requires all present players on the suddenered team to vote ‘yes’ to pass. Each team can only call the vote once per half, and upon the surrender being successful, the winning team will jump up to 13 round wins and both sides will still earn all experience toward their battle-pass as if it was played out.


Logo for Viper (VALORANT Agent) Viper

Viper's Toxic Screen now burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid locations over it's length. This is a massive buff to Viper, now allowing her the freedom to place her wall wherever she pleases. Prior to this, depending on the map she would maybe have one or two line up options, now the options are limited to the players imagination.

Snipe Bite, the poison molotov now applies fragile for a short time, which is a debuff that doubles all damage taken.

Poison Orb's activation cooldown increased from .5s to 6s. The team at Valorant have said they enjoy Viper’s unique ability to do 'one way' smokes, but feel that some of the locations could make attempting to push through complete suicide. Therefore, an increased window should keep this a viable option with the ability to add some counter-play.

Logo for Jett (VALORANT Agent) Jett

Killing Phoenix during Run It Back (His ultimate ability) will now refresh Jett's Blade Storm.

Logo for Reyna (VALORANT Agent) Reyna

Killing Phoenix during Run It Back will now drop a Soul Orb.

Logo for Cypher (VALORANT Agent) Cypher

Fixed a few issues, where Spycam blocked Spike defusal, and where players could place a Cyber Cage on a Trapwire. Also added prevention for Spycam going through the teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from the outside.


Bucky: Developers found that the numbers were tuned incorrectly and have fixed it as intended.

  • Crouch-walking accuracy: 3.45 >> 4.1
  • Walking accuracy: 6.4 >> 4.4
  • Run accuracy: 3.5 >> 6.4


There have been many map changes to those prisky little corners. Allowing for clearing angles to be a little more straightforward.


  • Garage Doors
  • Entrance to C Long on Attacker Side
  • Cover in A lobby restructured to open up the space which allows for additional sight lines and traversal options
  • C Link
  • A Link
  • The entrance to A Sewer and the bottom of A Sewer


  • Defender spawn entrance
  • Attack side of A Main
  • Garden entrance


  • A Bath entrance
  • The wall between B Teleporter Exit and B window entrance has been curved for additional space


  • Defender Spawn

Game Modes

Competitive is releasing sometime between this patch and the next (Between June 24 - July 1st) so be on the lookout to begin that grind to Radiant!

Spike Rush

  • New Orb - Tracer Orb
    • Allows 2x wall penetration and reveals enemies when hit for .75s and lasts the entire round
  • Speed Boost change to Combat Stim
    • Movement speed and duration unchanged
    • Reload time decreased by 30%
    • Weapon draw time decrease by 30%
    • Spread recovery time disease by 30%
    • Rate of Fire increase by 30%
    • Jump force increased by 25%