Three weeks after the beta release of VALORANT and the improvements are coming in hot and fast. The headliners for Patch 0.49 are the competitive mode and ranked matchmaking - which have both been added and are just waiting to go live.

For the full list of updates included in VALORANT Patch 0.49 click here.

Game Modes

Riot Games have added a Competitive mode and ranked matchmaking, but they are not live just yet and are listed as "to go live in the near future".

Gameplay, Balance, and Characters

Logo for Omen (VALORANT Agent) Omen

  • Updated Omen's visuals
  • Omen now immediately becomes vulnerable and no longer appears dark after he leaves his alternate shadow form
  • The attenuation radius of the arrival sound on Omen's From the Shadows has been reduced to 2250

Logo for Sage (VALORANT Agent) Sage

  • Barrier Orb will only spawn a chunk of the barrier if it is supported by the ground, this means it will sometimes only spawn 2 barrier chunks
  • Barrier Orb can no longer be placed on "small" pieces of geometry, it must be placed on the ground or on top of boxes

Logo for Breach (VALORANT Agent) Breach

  • Updated Breach's visuals



  • Added curtains to the top of double doors to remove the Sage Barrier Orb boost that allowed players to see through a sliver of the door at the top
  • Fixed issue with Cypher camera being placed on the A Main boxes
  • Updated materials to make surfaces more consistent overall


  • Updated materials to make surfaces more consistent overall

Multiple maps

  • Multiple fixes to the geometry on Haven, Bind, and Split to fix exploits and help optimize gameplay
  • Changed color of Radianite crates in order to unify overall visuals

Observer Mode

  • Added "Ghost cheat" as an option to custom games with cheats enabled, allowing you to fly around the map in no-clip mode
  • Ability HUD no longer displays when entering drone camera as an observer
  • Exiting drone camera will now swap back to the most recently viewed player if they’re still a valid view target
  • Swapping through players to view will now iterate through an entire team before going to players on the other team


  • New directional damage indicator visual
  • New low health and low ammo visuals
  • Removed character portrait from player's minimap icon to better distinguish player icon; icon will receive additional color and polish in the future
  • Voice activity is now shown above allies' heads
  • Added color to spike icon above ally's head to make it easier to see
  • Fixed the ultimate ability icon above teammates' heads showing as charged after gaining 1 ult point instead of when actually charged
  • Ping elements now fade when under player aim; previously only text faded
  • Relocated Find Match button from social panel to Play screen; renamed to Start
  • Relocated Practice button from social panel to Play screen
  • Added Play Again button to End of Game screen
  • Made the flyouts on the nav progression widget clickable
  • Made main navigation button click targets easier to click
  • Added an option to orient the fixed minimap so that player’s starting side is always at the bottom
  • Adjusted all map assets so that full fixed orientations consistently place attackers at bottom and defenders at top
  • Added hover tooltips to thumbnails in the Collections view to show item name
  • Scroll speed tweaked to make scrolling social panel smoother
  • Made crosshair preview in Settings shorter to make more room for controls

Quality of Life

  • Added the ability to abandon a multiplayer Custom Game. Using the "Leave match" button in the ESC menu will allow you to permanently leave the match without penalty. Leaving the custom game in any other way (exit client, alt+f4, etc.) will still allow you to return to the match
  • Updated the audio occlusion system to help players better differentiate audio distancing cues. For example, Haven B to A short, you should perceive sounds from their correct distance and not as if they were right next to you
  • Players who abandon matchmade games, or dodge agent selects, will now experience penalties that prevent them from queuing for a period of time. Frequent offenders will experience higher queue time penalties. Leaving ruins the match for everyone else, and should only be a last resort
  • Enabled the ability to see VALORANT players online in Riot games
  • Adjusted play flow UX moving queue buttons into lobby screens
  • Adjusted social panel UX to accommodate additional space
  • Adjusted End of Game UX to clean up design of various widgets
  • Adjusted chat disconnect error state to be less… intimidating
  • Spawn practice bots option in the shooting range moved from the F3 menu to an in-world shootable switch
  • For all shotguns, moved the crosshair's center dot by 1px to center it on the screen