After some controversy, the Renegades missed out on playing the playoffs of the RLCS Season 9 Oceanic Championship. Now back for revenge the Renegades take out three of the four teams that placed above them on their way to the Oceania Rocket League Spring Series championship.

The Rocket League Spring Series is a set of tournaments for each region (North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania) where the top 4 teams from Season 9 will be joined by 4 teams from open qualifiers in a double elimination bracket. The teams in the Oceania tournament were:

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The Renegades won Season 8 of the Rocket League Championship Series Oceanic Championship, but this year fell short when the tiebreaker came down to point difference. The top spots instead went to Ground Zero Gaming (who won the Season 9 Oceanic Championship), FURY, Mindfreak, and the team they were tied with - Cringe Society.

In the Rocket League Spring Series, the first opponent up for Renegades was the 4th placed Mindfreak. Minus one stumble in game 2, Renegades made easy work of the wooden spoon team of Season 9. Then in semifinals it was to be "The Champions of Season 9" Ground Zero vs. "The Champions of Season 8" Renegades. Renegades were hungry and not going to let up so they took 3 of the 4 games played to send Ground Zero to the Losers Bracket and advance to the Winners Final.

For the Winners Final it was going to revenge as Renegades got to take on Cringe Society, who were the team that made it to the Season 9 Playoffs over them because of point difference. It seemed as though Renegades were going to knock it out of the park with a 3-1 win in game 1, but then Cringe Society flicked the switch and won the next 4 games (1-0, 2-0, 3-2, 4-1).

After losing to Cringe Society, Renegades fell into the Losers Bracket and up against the silver medalist from Season 9. FURY stood no chance as Renegades didn't even let them breathe and were just scoring time and time again. Renegades ended up winning all 4 games they played to earn their spot back in the Grand Final and one last chance at redemption.

Cringe Society started with the default 1-0 advantage and then took the first game (3-2) to bring the score to 2-0 and looked to close it out. The Renegades gasped for life and managed to win game 3 (3-2), before being smacked back down by Cringe Society in game 4 (3-2). Cringe Society only needed to win one more game and the Rocket League Spring Series championship was theirs.

Unluckily for Cringe Society, the Renegades were on form and about to go on a tear. In game 5 Renegades took the win (5-3) to pull momentum back on their side and then eked out a victory in game 6 (4-3) to tie the series and send us into one final battle. Renegades scored 5 goals in the final fight to Cringe Society's 2 and by the rules of math that means that Renegades are your Oceania Rocket League Spring Series champions and redeemed after their unceremonious Season 9 exit.