Overwatch League has changed it's format a little with the lack of a hero pool this week. They will also be missing a hero pool during the Summer Showdown next week. Other than the hero pools, we do have all of the details around what games to expect this week!

Hero Bans

Overwatch League Week 19 and 20 shared a hero pool, but Week 21 and the Summer Showdown tournament weekend will not feature hero pools at all. The next tournament that we get after Summer Showdown will also feature the same structure with the first two weeks sharing a hero pool and then the final week and tournament weekend have no hero pool.


  Chengdu Hunters  vs.  Guangzhou Charge  

  Seoul Dynasty  vs.  Shanghai Dragons  

  Hangzhou Spark  vs.  London Spitfire  

  Florida Mayhem  vs.  Houston Outlaws  

  Dallas Fuel  vs.  Toronto Defiant  

  Vancouver Titans  vs.  Boston Uprising  

  Washington Justice  vs.  Los Angeles Gladiators  

  Shanghai Dragons  vs.  Hangzhou Spark  

  Chengdu Hunters  vs.  Seoul Dynasty  

  New York Excelsior  vs.  Guangzhou Charge  

  Los Angeles Valiant  vs.  Paris Eternal  

  Atlanta Reign  vs.  Vancouver Titans  

  Philadelphia Fusion  vs.  San Francisco Shock