The overWatch League have settled on the 4 heroes that will be banned during Week 14 of the OverWatch League as well as the 12 match-ups for the week spread across two days. We have all the details including times, teams, and banned heroes.

Hero Bans

Hero pools are an algorithm-driven way to figure out which heroes are being played the most and remove them from play for the next week. There is an element of randomness, but heroes with a higher play-rate will have a higher chance of being banned. There is one exception and that is if a hero was banned last week, they cannot be banned again the next week.

The four heroes that will be banned for Week 14 play are:

  • Damage: Reaper & Ashe
  • Tank: Reinhardt
  • Support: Brigitte
  • For last week (Week 13) the banned heroes were McCree & Widowmaker (Damage), Wrecking Ball (Tank), and Mercy (Support).


      Shanghai Dragons  vs.  Seoul Dynasty  

      Chengdu Hunters  vs.  London Spitfire  

      Guangzhou Charge  vs.  New York Excelsior  

      Paris Eternal  vs.  Los Angeles Gladiators  

      Washington Justice  vs.  Vancouver Titans  

      Houston Outlaws  vs.  Atlanta Reign  

      Los Angeles Valiant  vs.  Boston Uprising  

      Hangzhou Spark  vs.  Shanghai Dragons  

      London Spitfire  vs.  Guangzhou Charge  

      Dallas Fuel  vs.  Philadelphia Fusion  

      Toronto Defiant  vs.  San Francisco Shock  

      Florida Mayhem  vs.  Vancouver Titans