There has been a large exodus lately of current and former Overwatch pros retiring from the OWL. We take a look at 6 players who were playing in the 2020 OWL season and have since retired, some of them to try their hand at VALORANT. Also features 8 other OWL players from the 2019 season.

HyP (Apr 2)

The first retirement that started the chain reaction was at the start of April as HyP let everyone know we would no longer be playing Overwatch. The 24 year old Frenchman played in the Flex Support role for Paris Eternal, who placed 14th in the 2019 Season, and in Team France, who placed 4th at the Overwatch World Cup.

HyP took his keyboard and moved over to VALORANT in the same month that he left. He got together four former Counter-Strike players; PetitSkel, Fearoth, CREA, and LaAw - together they played under the name 'HypHypHyp'. Hyp also played in the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Showdown 2 - Europe tournament on Team ZeratoR, managing to place 3rd/4th.

sinatraa (Apr 28)

The highest profile departure from the OWL was the 2019 Most Valuable Player on the championship-winning team. We covered sinatraa's departure from San Francisco Shock in more detail in our last article on the matter.

Since we published that article, sinatraa was signed up to the newly formed VALORANT roster of the Sentinels. Rounding out the Sentinels roster is former CSGO players ShahZaM and SicK (from Complexity Gaming), as well as former Apex Legends pro zombs (for the Sentinels). The Sentinels have played in 2 official tournaments so far; placing 5th/6th in the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational and placing 7th/8th in the Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl North America.

Kellex (May 1)

Kellex played for Boston Uprising in the first 2 Overwatch League seasons before shifting to the Toronto Defiant for Season 3. He is also one of the top Danish players, having represented Denmark in all three World Cup events, reaching the finals event in 2019 and placing 5th/6th. He used both Lucio and Mercy as his main characters in the Support role.

Kellex has yet to show up in any VALORANT tournaments, but his best friend fischer, who he played on Team Denmark with, has made the jump to VALORANT. it is highly liekly we see Kellex join his best friend on the VALORANT battlefield.

Greyy (May 7)

This Portuguese Flex Support player played on the Paris Eternal team for both Season 2 and Season 3. He had originally risen up through Overwatch Contenders with GG Esports Academy and impressed with his skill. That skill also landed him a spot on Team Portugal in both 2017 and 2019 for the Overwatch World Cup.

Much like Kellex, it has been radio silence since Greyy's retirement announcement. He did cite a lack of passion in Overwatch and that he wanted to leave earlier, but HyP also retiring threw a spanner in the works. He claimed to not have any future plans just yet, so we will have to wait and see what his future holds.

Corey (May 8)

The grand champion of The Overwatch World Cup 2019 as a part of Team America, playing alongside fellow retiree sinatraa. Outside of the World Cup, Corey captained the Washington Justice team in both Season 2 and Season 3. Under his leadership the team placed 17th in Season 2 and was trending towards the bottom of the table in Season 3.

Corey was upfront in his TwitLonger about why he retired from Overwatch - "I'm leaving to pursue a game that really hit home for me. Valorant." Since retiring he has been going hard on his Twitch stream and playing in VALORANT tournaments under both the banner GoombaSquad and GoombaSquadv2.

brussen (May 12)

Dutch 19 year old brussen played on many teams, but his big break was with the Boston Uprising heading in to Season 3 of the Overwatch League. Prior to that he had played on Team Netherlands for the Overwatch World Cup in 2018 and 2019, making it as close as 5th/6th in 2019.

In his TwitLonger he mentions that he will need to take some time to decide what his career will be in the long run, but for now he will be playing VALORANT. It is likely that burssen can connect up with either some former OWL players or Dutch countrymen to form a team in future tournaments.

2019 Season OWL Players

  • TviQ (Apr 4) playing VALORANT with IDDQD
  • Taimou (Apr 6) playing VALORANT with IDDQD
  • Kyb (Apr 6) playing VALORANT
  • Sharyk (Apr 6) playing VALORANT with GOAGOAGOAGOA
  • Gods (Apr 6) playing VALORANT
  • ShaDowBurn (Apr 7) playing VALORANT with GOAGOAGOAGOA
  • Danye (Apr 7) playing VALORANT with st6cked
  • Kyky (Apr 30) playing VALORANT