San Francisco Shock player sinatraa shocked the esports world today by announcing that they retiring from professional Overwatch and is heading for brand new pastures of VALORANT. sinatraa was the MVP of Season 2 of the Overwatch League where The Shock won the championship.

sinatraa was an original member of the San Francisco Shock, signed in 2017 when he was still under the age limit to play in the Overwatch League. The Shock were so confident in the young player that they waited for him to become of age and then immediately placed him on the starting roster.

In 2019 during the 2nd Season of the Overwatch League, San Francisco Shock went 23-5 in the Pacific Division and landed themselves a top seed position in the playoffs. After a small road-bump in their opening match-up, they beat five of the top teams 4-0 one after another on their way to claim the championship trophy.

This morning the San Francisco Shock, who recently ranked in the B-Tier of our Overwatch Tier Rankings, announced that sinatraa would be departing. Rumours were swirling about his future and reports were pointing towards VALORANT as his next location. That was until sinatraa himself released a TwitLonger to explain the situation around his retirement.

In the TwitLonger he talked about losing his passion for Overwatch, not having fun in scrims, and struggling to log on to play. He considered the decisison for over a month and took the decision to do what was best for him and retire from competitive Overwatch.

sinatraa also took the time to comment on each of his team members, here is a selection of his comments:

  • viol2t: [...] i dont want your ego to get too big but you're the best zen/ana (REALLY) [...]
  • striker: [...] i really thought i would hate you but turns out i f**king loved you [...]
  • rascal: [...] u are funny as f**k and im glad i got to meet you and call u my friend [...]
  • choi: [...] stop smoking and eat ur f**king veggies or im gonna get mad [...]
  • smurf: [...] ever since u joined shock i thought you were funny as f**k and u were instantly my friend [...]
  • ANS: [...] ABS ONLY IN THE GYM EVERYDAY BRO??? ur too funny [...]
  • moth: [...] literally never tilted always making game plans and f**king crazy mechanically [...]
  • CRUSTY JUNKBUCK ARACHNE NINEK: [...] i really dedicate my season 2 MVP to u guys, im really sorry i left like this [...]
  • CHRIS: [...] no one talks about it but you are the real reason for our success in S2 [...]
  • SUPER: 5HEAD HAHAHA[...]HAHAHA nah but srsly u a fucking homie and the f**king face of OWL ur the ultimate chad but still 5head [...]
  • Although mentioning that he would be retiring from Overwatch, it left his future up in the air until the follow-up tweet...

    The current San Francisco Shock team members are:

    • Matthew 'super' DeLisi
    • Minho 'Architect' Park
    • Grant 'Moth' Espe
    • Hyobin 'ChoiHyoBin' Choi
    • Myeonghwan 'smurf' Yoo
    • Dongjun 'Rascal' Kim
    • Minki 'Viol2t' Park
    • Namjoo 'Striker' Kwon
    • Seonchang 'ANS' Lee