Twitch has always been a destination for both video game streamers and esports events, both categories of stream were competing for views. Today Twitch announced the Esports Directory that will make it easier to find esports content.

To visit the Twitch Esports directory, click here.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of ESL & DreamHack's announcement of an exclusive agreement with Twitch. It is obvious that Twitch is investing hard into the esports world and giving it a separate little section is a good way to draw more viewers.

Screenshot of Twitch's new Esports Directory
Screenshot of Twitch's new Esports Directory

From the Esports Directory you can see which games have live tournaments currently running for you to tune into. These are indicated with the red live badge on the tgame in the game listing

Just below the live section is the replays and highlights section that organises the VODs from these esports streams to make it easier if you missed a day of play or a specific game.

Then at the bottom of each game's page is a list of all the professional players who are currently live. This allows you to keep tabs on the professional players form your favourite esports all in one place.