Yesterday LetsPlay.Live announced that they have acquired the oceanic esports platform CyberGamer. CyberGamer has been around since 2007 and has been utilized for multiple oceanic region qualifiers, while also hosting ladders, leagues and forums for discussion.

CyberGamer was started by two gamers, Jeremy "Asterix" Klaosen, and James "sn@p!" Burroughs, and over it's time has been home to 12,500,105 unique users around the globe and 387,741 registered members from the Australia & New Zealand regions.

Jeremy Klaosen, one of the founders of CyberGamer, will be joining LetsPlay.Live as the Head of Platform to continue the work on the CyberGamer platform, now with additional resources:

“Over the last 11 years since founding CyberGamer I have lived and breathed esports. I am excited about the road ahead and the world-class production and opportunities LPL will bring to the community I love so much.”

The Director of LetsPlay.Live, Duane Mutu, had this to say about the acquisition:

“We are delighted that Jeremy has joined the team and look forward to expanding on the phenomenal job he and James and their team have done to date. CyberGamer has a rich legacy in ANZ esports and we have deep respect for their achievements and community focus.”

LetsPlay.Live is also looking in the near future to be announcing a number of new Australian partnerships.

CyberGamer's 2019 Roadmap
CyberGamer's 2019 Roadmap (Image by CyberGamerAUS on Twitter)

On the heels of the acquisition, CyberGamer have also announced their 2019 roadmap that includes more games, more LANs and more money.

Firstly, the divisions have been renamed to fit in with the LetsPlay.Live branding

  • PRO: The best of the best, always has LAN finals and is always broadcasted (usually on TV).
  • Challenger (Formally CGi/Platinum): Is often broadcasted, is the top division if PRO is not supported.
  • Evolution (Formally CGm/Gold): Requires you to qualify/relegate up from Amateur, only applies to very large games like CSGO for now.
  • Amateur (Formally CGa/Silver): The only requirement to compete is to have an active subscription.
  • Open: This is our normal free ladder where players can build up some skill before choosing to enter Amateur.
  • The 2019 roadmap features to the following games;

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on PC (PRO, Challenger, Evolution, Amateur, Open)
  • DOTA 2 on PC (PRO, Challenger, Evolution, Amateur, Open)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4 (PRO, Challenger, Evolution, Amateur, Open)
  • Rainbow 6 Siege on PC (PRO, Challenger, Amateur, Open)
  • Rainbow 6 Siege on PS4 (Challenger, Open)
  • Project Cars 2 (PRO, Challenger, Amateur, Open)
  • NBA2K19 Solo (Challenger, Amateur, Open)
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC (Challenger, Amateur, Open)
  • StarCraft 2 on PC (Challenger, Amateur, Open)
  • Clash Royale on Mobile (Open)
  • Click here to view the full roadmap as an image, containing the season dates and prizepools for each game/division, on the CyberGamer website.

    As you would expect with such a big announcement in the Oceanic scene, community figures from throughout are voicing their opinions on Twitter: