It has been announced that The Idiots Lantern, who we had previously sourced interviews from, will be as of today rebranded as the Lexicon of Lore and switching focus away from entertainment and gaming and towards story and lore videos.

Today The Idiots Lantern have informed us that they will be rebranding as the Lexicon of Lore and have already begun to switch their social media links over to the new brand. The channel will still be headed by Grady Hooker and Campion Kahuroa and based out of New Zealand.

The Idiots Lantern had provided us with gaming-based interviews, including one with Matthew Kemp who is the Senior Product Manager at Old School Runescape. Along with the rebrand The Idiots Lantern have given their interview catalog and future opportunities to Raidos Gaming, who will be continuing to partner with us to deliver non-esports gaming-related interviews to our readers.

Lexicon of Lore will soon release their first videos under the new brand, which will be focused around the lore and story of popular culture including television, movies, anime, books and video games. Currently it is not expected for any of the Lexicon of Lore content to appear on Esports Kingdom, but never say never.

We wish Lexicon of Lore all the best in their future endeavors and thank Raidos Gaming for continuing the partnership.

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